WELS stickerChoosing fittings and fixtures for your bathroom requires consideration of many factors but the main areas you want to consider are cost, style, performance and quality. Here’s where the government’s Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards Scheme can help make your choice much easier. Saving water and saving money on your water and energy bills means your household will be much more environmentally-friendly and efficient.

What is WELS?

WELS is Australia’s water efficiency labeling scheme. The scheme helps consumers compare the water efficiency of various products – including toilets, tapware, washing machines and dishwashers – to make the choice that best suits their family needs. A Water Rating Label must be displayed on all products at the point of sale or in any advertising of the product. The label shows the star-rating allocated to the product – the more stars, the more efficient the product.

Finding a WELS certified product

In order to compare the water efficiency ratings of different products, the Australia Government has set up a product search database. You can visit this site at: https://apps5a.ris.environment.gov.au/wels-public/search-product-load.do?src=menu

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Information sourced from the Australian Government water rating website www.waterrating.gov.au


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