Buying a new house is a costly expense. Every time you sell and buy you lose money on stamp duty, legal fees and moving costs. Not to mention the disruption it can cause to the family having to commute or relocate schools or work. So why move at all when you can revamp your entire house and stay in a community you love?

Creating a whole new look can give your property a new lease on life. Changing the colours of your interiors can make the world of difference. Light and bright wall colours can give the feeling of more space and light. Whites and lighter neutral shades of grey and beige are a perfect option for this.

Redesigning your kitchen can change the look and functionality dramatically. Adding more cupboard space and workable areas provides a space where you want to be and will encourage the whole family to gather. Island benches are not only fabulous for preparation but also a great space for laptops and homework.

Redesigning your existing bathroom can make this space a place where you want to be to relax and unwind. Why not give it a dramatic hotel style touch of luxury by using marble or granite floors and countertops. You don’t have to spend a fortune either there are plenty of stone and marble ceramics to choose from.

Tee up your new look by changing your furniture as well. Decluttering your home and bringing in some new carefully selected pieces will do wonders for your living spaces. Select furniture that ties in with the redesign of your rooms and make some pieces a statement. We recommending talking to our expert team to give you the advice and guidance you will need to navigate through the huge amount of products and styles there is to select from.

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