Here, Certified Bathroom Designer John Spiteri, chooses his top 5 gorgeous bathroom designs. We’re sure it was hard to choose from the many projects he’s completed over the years but all these projects have one area in common: brilliant design solutions with gorgeous visual appeal.


1. Design challenge: Open Plan

Managing privacy and traffic flow as well as not encroaching on the stunning seaside views were the main considerations. Using glass compartments, the bathroom is sectioned off into various areas with the vanity part of a single unit that incorporates the bed head on the other side. Dual entrances and exits help manage movement in and out of the bathroom while a motorised accessory raises and lowers the vanity mirror so, when not in use, the owners can enjoy the abundant views.


2. Design challenge: Overseas owners

This clever bathroom was designed while the owners were living overseas so all communication was via email or Skype. In moving back to Australia, the owners were keen to bring a little Manhattan magic with them and so requested the new bathroom evoke the essence of New York style. The design utilises cool, calm neutrals with splashes of feature mosaic tiles to bring the bathroom to life. A nib wall creates an element of privacy while the freestanding bath has an interesting shape that adds to the visual appeal.


3. Design challenge: Custom vanity

There simply wasn’t a commercially-available vanity that suited the grandeur and style of this stunning French provincial bathroom so one had to be designed and custom-made to suit. Its timeless style is enhanced with the use of hand-carved pieces and gorgeous natural stone while Old English style tapware adds the finishing touch.


4. Design challenge: Wellness centre

This private zone incorporates a range of design solutions to create an at-home wellness centre that takes the bathroom far beyond a simple, functional space. The wellness retreat includes areas for relaxation as well as cleansing and refreshing both mind and body. The ensuite serves as an extension of the bedroom, further enhancing the calming nature of the bathroom.


5. Design challenge: Wet zone

The main design challenge for this bathroom with its unusual shape and the owner’s request for a wet zone that incorporated both a freestanding bath and separate shower. The solution was to make the most of the available space and keep the fittings and fixtures simple, yet in keeping with the period style of the home.

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