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Supplier of Renovations Services to Abbotsford 2046

Abbotsford bathroom renovations & home renovations just got easier, thanks to the team at Brindabella!

With over 30 years of renovations experience, we understand all too well how overwhelming & daunting a renovations project can be. With so many questions to answer, so many factors to take into consideration, and so many options for moving forward, it’s no wonder so many people take a long time to go from thinking about doing a renovation… to actually doing the renovation!

The good news is, Brindabella are here to guide you through every step of the process. We’ve “been there, done that” when it comes to renovations. And over the years, we’ve developed rock-solid processes and procedures to ensure you’ll enjoy the same positive experience as our other satisfied clients.

If you’re in Abbotsford 2046, or nearby areas such as Chiswick, Wareemba or Russell Lea, contact us today to get started on your renovating journey!

Abbotsford Bathroom Renovations

Brindabella can renovate your master bathroom, ensuite or guest bathroom… or even create a brand-new bathroom to extend the functionality of your home. We can help with large or small bathroom renovations and everything in-between.

Abbotsford Bathroom Renovation Costs

Abbotsford bathroom renovations can give a new leases of life to one of the most commonly-accessed rooms in the house. While bathroom renovation costs can vary based on many different factors, for high-end bathroom renovations you’ll want to be considering a budget of approximately $25k to $30k+.

Your Abbotsford bathroom renovation cost will vary based on:

  1. Bathroom size – larger spaces require more tiles, more preparation areas,
  2. Project scope – is it a complete “start from scratch” renovation, or are only certain areas being updated?
  3. Quality of fittings – are you wanting premium fittings & features, entry-level or somewhere inbetween?
  4. Technology – do you want to add a technological component to your bathroom, including digital controllers, smart mirrors / smart lighting and so on?
  5. Your intention – is this a “renovate to sell” project, or are you wanting to build something which will last for YOUR family, for the next 5 to 20 years?

With Brindabella, you can rest easy knowing that the pricing we develop will be very clear and transparent. We are not one of those Sydney bathroom renovation companies who underquote just to win the project, only to keep adding “hidden extras” to bump up the price along the way!

Due to our experience in quoting and delivering luxurious bathroom renovations to Sydney for 3 decades, we’ve become very good at estimating all costs upfront… and sticking to that target.

How much do Abbotsford bathroom renovations cost?

Best Bathroom Renovations & Designs in Abbotsford

Brindabella are an award-winning bathroom designer and renovator, with the expertise, hands-on experience and passion for customer service necessary to transform your outdated, tired bathroom into a luxurious work of art you’re proud of!

From the very beginning, you’ll find our team to be focused on YOU and what you want to achieve. In developing the perfect design for your new bathroom space, we’ll take many factors into account, including but not limited to:

  • The style of your home
  • Your specific needs & wants
  • Your bathroom renovations budget
  • The available space
  • Other designs you’ve been inspired by
  • Our knowledge & experience of “what works”

Abbotsford House Renovations

Love living in Abbotsford, but not totally in love with your house? Abbotsford home renovations allows you maintain your address, while upgrading your lifestyle! From simple room additions to total home makeovers, Brindabella’s team are here to serve you and help turn your dream designs into your daily reality.

Abbotsford Home Renovation Projects

Brindabella can help you with a wide range of home renovation projects, including:

  • Outdoor kitchen – give your home a functional uplift with a custom-designed outdoor kitchen area. Perfect for entertaining
  • Kitchen renovations renovating your kitchen can lift the value of your home, and even increase the quality of your life
  • Converting old spaces – we’ve even converted an old out-house into a sauna!
  • Total home renovation – leave no stone unturned (so to speak!) and refresh your entire house from top to bottom


Contact Brindabella today to explore how we can help you overcome all your renovation challenges.

While every renovating project creates some kind of impact on the homeowners, we do all we can to minimise the disruption on your family.

And for your peace of mind, we also offer an exclusive Five Year Maintenance Plan which is above & beyond the standard Product Manufacturer’s Warranty & Builder’s Warranty. This provides you with protection & assurance against any unexpected maintenance issues or repairs for a full 5 years from completion of the project.


Discover just how Brindabella can help you with your upcoming bathroom or house renovation project. Get in touch with us on 1300 794 488 or submit your enquiry on the form listed below, to begin a conversation with our staff.