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Compact and cute - a powder room with style

Sydney Powder Room Renovation

A cute powder room has been carefully crafted to include all the elements

Powder room design is challenging at best but this space, with its unusual angled walls, really needed careful planning. Although not many elements were essential, it took some time to work out the best placement for each element to ensure maximum functionality as well as amplify the aesthetic appeal.

As a powder room, used mainly by guests, this Hunters Hill bathroom renovation needed to be practical but pack a visual punch as well. So the decision was made to include a floor-standing, eye-catching, oversized basin and pair that with a feature timber mosaic tile wall. As the first item seen upon entering the room it immediately makes the space feel warm and welcoming.

Designed & Built

Designed by John Spiteri and built by Brindabella.

Photography: Colin Beever for Real Photos.



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