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Welcoming nature indoors

Cremorne Bathroom Renovation

Nature is welcomed into this bathroom thanks to an indoor terrarium

The surprise greenery is the first item noticed upon entering this renovated Cremorne bathroom. Cleverly located with two clear glass panels on either side, the terrarium provides a lovely sense of nature within this indoor space. The wet zone is located to house the shower and bath side-by-side with a full-length architectural grate to manage the water run off.

A super-sized double vanity runs the length of the room from the entry way to the far wall and provides an amazing abundance of storage and functional utility space. An incredible piece of design and construction, four banks of drawers sit beneath semi-recessed basins and two large mirrors to ensure every item in the bathroom has a place to be stored. The timber feature pieces complement the greenery perfectly and are enhanced by the muted colour scheme and feature tiles on the privacy wall.

Designed & Built

Designed by Michelle Burton (Interior Designer) and built by Brindabella. Photos courtesy of Designing Women.

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