Last week, Certified Bathroom Designer John Spiteri attended a special briefing by Reece on the latest trends from the ISH 2015 bathroom fair in Germany and the Milan Furniture Fair in Italy. It was a very informative afternoon with some exciting new global trends revealed. Here are the top 5 trends in bathrooms , courtesy of Reece:


Fine lines

Elegant and sleek, fine lines are transforming the aesthetic and design of both our home and bathroom spaces, encompassing thin design profiles across all types of products, from blade-like taps to slim-line toilet seats, seamless joinery and silky-smooth finishes.

2. Beyond basins

Beyond basins

Beyond basins

The introduction of new and innovative materials such as Laufen’s Saphir Keramik has led to a new generation of basin designs that feature elegant, paper-fine edges and integrate shelving into the basin itself to create a new and exciting aesthetic.



The popular bronze and copper trend has evolved even further to include a luxe spectrum of metallics – from golds through to nickel, chrome and black chrome. This rainbow of metallic hues is popping up everywhere in the home and bathroom.

4. Tech- savvy spaces

Tech- savvy spaces

Tech-savvy spaces

Our home and bathroom spaces are smarter than ever with intelligent, user friendly technology making products adaptable to our wants and responsive to our needs.

Smart toilets

Intuitive, comfortable and easy to use, these avant-garde integrated toilets offer a unique wellbeing experience with remote control functions, including washing and drying capabilities and night light.

For more information visit or better still, talk to our Certified Bathroom Designer to discuss your new bathroom or renovation and how you can integrate the latest bathroom trends into your home.

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