Small bathrooms can present a number of challenges, but in the hands of an expert designer, they can be light, bright, functional spaces. The trick is to find ways to maximise every centimetre within the room and find clever storage solutions to help manage all your essential items.

At Brindabella, we love designing small bathrooms and the challenge of coming up with design solutions that suit our clients’ needs. One of our favourite inclusions is a niche – whether in the shower area or above the vanity, it’s a useful landing place for often-used items such as shampoos, body gels, hair accessories. It’s also a great place to include decorative items such as scented candles or greenery.

Doing away with a shower screen door is also a great way to save space in a small bathroom. We often choose a walk-in shower, with just a single glass panel, as this lessens the amount of visual “bulk” in the room and allows light to pass through the glass which can make the bathroom feel larger.

Large format mirrors also play a great trick on the eye, and with careful placement and application, can have a massive impact on how large the bathroom appears. Coupled with plenty of glass, mirrors bounce light around the room which acts to maximise the amount of natural light in the space.

The colour scheme chosen for a small bathroom is a vital key to the success of the final project. The most popular is a light, bright scheme that involves whites, creams and beiges with accent colours that become statement pieces. Although, we’re also fond of smokey greys and darker hues which can be used to create an intimate mood for a more adult space.

Cabinets for storage can be built into the wall, either fully recessed or semi-recessed to maximise space and are often equipped with a mirrored finish for added effect. Vanity storage has come a long way in terms of design and today there are now a multitude of options in terms of fitting out drawers and cabinets with dividers, pull outs, racks, bins and all the internal organisational solutions that make a bathroom function perfectly.

How much storage is required for a smaller bathroom will very much depend on its intended use. For example, a guest powder room will have far less required of it from a storage perspective than an ensuite used by a busy couple. Your bathroom designer is best placed to provide expert opinion and advice about the latest products and design techniques which could be applied in your unique circumstances.

Brindabella’s head designer, John Spiteri, specialises in creating small bathrooms that are not only immediately eye catching and incredibly enjoyable to use, but that function at the height of efficiency, too. Give us a call today and let John apply his expert knowledge to solving your storage conundrum.

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