Planning a bathroom renovation can be one of the most exciting times of the year and we want the experience to be fun and fulfilling for all our clients. We know it can be overwhelming to consider a bathroom renovation so our job is to lend our expertise to ensure the end result is exactly what you had dreamed.

First, take some time to consider who will be using the bathroom space. Is it a main bathroom, shared by the whole family? Or is it a private ensuite with only one or two users? Or maybe it’s a powder room, only used occasionally by visitors? The answers to these questions will affect what needs to be included and what can be excluded from the new space.

Next, think about what style you like and whether this style fits the design of your home. Are you more in tune with the contemporary, pared-back style or do you love the friendly, inclusive tone created by a more traditional bathroom? Or something in between?

Now you’ll need to consider what fittings and fixtures are on your must-have list. For some, this may include items such as a heated towel rail, dual basins, make-up mirror or heated floor. For others it might be large format tiles or a luxury overhead rain shower head.

Also think about what technology you’d like to include in your new bathroom. Today, there are options for televisions that hide behind mirrors, mirrors that raise and lower as needed, toilets that can take care of every need, and plenty of storage solutions to make the most of every centimetre.

Now, here’s the hard part. Think carefully about your budget. Many people are apprehensive of sharing their budget with their designer/builder but knowing your spending limit helps us make suggestions on where you can invest your money (in your must-haves) and where you can save a few pennies. If we understand your expenditure expectations we can tailor a solution to suit your needs which we feel is a much more positive way to begin the process.

At Brindabella, we custom-design all our bathrooms to suit the needs of the users, the style of the home, the available space, and the design requirements of our clients. So, why not allow us to bring our expertise to your design dilemma and let Brindabella build you the bathroom of your dreams?

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