There are no strict rules about how much your bathroom renovation should cost because every
bathroom is different and it very much depends on the size of the space and what fittings and
fixtures are chosen.

But, there are a few things to keep in mind that will have an impact on what you can expect to pay.
The first is obvious – are you looking for a full renovation or a cosmetic makeover? A makeover can
refresh the bathroom and make it a more visually pleasant room but this solution can’t address
issues with functionality or layout. A renovation means everything is removed – walls, floor, fittings
and fixtures – and replaced entirely. Of course, a full renovation can’t be compared in cost to a
simple makeover as the full renovation will be far more expensive.

The other area that will impact the price is whether you are considering a DIY option or prefer to
engage a full-service renovation company. There are always cost savings to be made if you can do
some of the work yourself but, unless you are an experienced renovator who understands project
management and how to schedule trades, it’s likely to end up being the more expensive option.

A full-service company has the knowledge and experience to oversee the project from the initial
design phase, through to the completion of the project including scheduling of trades and
administrative management which will save you many headaches during the process.

Today, many homeowners look beyond the existing four walls of their bathroom as a way to
increase the size and functionality of the bathroom and this may involve structural work to remove
and/or relocate walls, or changing plumbing and electrical points. Again, this can increase the price
but the benefits are a larger and better laid out bathroom when the job is complete.

The other main area that affects the cost is what fittings and fixtures you choose. Do you have your
heart set on a signature feature bath, for example? Or an imported Italian mosaic tile? While there
are many budget options that can keep the cost of your bathroom renovation low, choose wisely as
lesser quality can mean potentially less durability and longevity.

At Brindabella, we’ve won awards for both our bathroom designs and our construction work so we
understand your needs at every stage of the process. We have the expertise and experience to
design a bathroom to suit your needs so why not give us a call and schedule an appointment with
our Certified Bathroom Designer today?

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