Today, our expert Brindabella designers take a look at the role of colour in interior design and share some of their favourite colour combinations that always work.

With so many colours and textures in the design world, it can be quite daunting to choose a scheme and feel confident it will not only suit your home but also not date too quickly.


The safest options are neutral tones in beige or whites, and, for good reason – they always look amazing. Neutrals open up an area giving it a feeling of light and space; and you can add splashes of colour by accessorising with the latest trends. To get creative with your neutrals why not use contrasting shades? For example a darker beige feature wall with light grey walls and a grey floor can look pretty spectacular.

Thinking of doing something a little more colourful? Well, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of classic looks to choose from.



Nothing says elegance like black and white. Such a beautifully classic style, it can be designed in a number of ways. Try a black and white mosaic floor teamed with white walls and black accessories such as tapware….dreamy. If you’d like to get really creative you can think about adding another colour in the mix. Options to choose from that really look amazing and stand the test of time are blues and reds. A dark blue feature wall teamed with your black and white scheme has a decadent, historical feel, as does a dark maroon. Deeper tones are not everyone’s choice of shade however they can look absolutely smashing in a larger space and add a dramatic, theatrical edge.



Feel like a design that’s uplifting and fun? Then try some brighter options such as shades of yellow and greens. Another classic look this colour combination can be introduced in various forms including tiles and wall paper. It doesn’t have to dominate the area and can be teamed with whites and wood tones to give your space a touch of the tropics.


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