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The inaugural Trends International Design Awards (TIDAs) were launched this year as a way to consolidate the awards programs of various groups and industry associations to promote the design industry on an international scale. Initially launched in New Zealand and Australia, the awards program aims to bring the USA West Coast, other selected USA states, Singapore, and Malaysia into the program in 2016. The TIDAs provide a pathway for winners of existing association awards and Trends’ own awards programs to combine and be judged on an international stage, and to gain the additional recognition and prestige that this brings.

Copyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photographyemail: eliot@zeitgeist.com.auExisting award categories include:

  • Australian Architect-designed Kitchen
  • Australian Imported Kitchen
  • New Zealand Architect-designed Kitchen
  • New Zealand Imported Kitchen
  • New Zealand Master Class kitchen
  • Australian Architect-designed Bathroom
  • Australian Architect-designed Master Suite
  • New Zealand Architect-designed Bathroom
  • New Zealand Architect-designed Bathroom
  • New Zealand Master Class Bathroom
  • Australian Architect-designed New Home
  • Australian Architect-designed Renovation
  • New Zealand Architect-designed New Home
  • New Zealand Architect-designed Renovation

Award programs that have joined the TIDA program include:

  • HIA Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • New Zealand NKBA
  • India Trends Home awards

These winners will be announced in Auckland, NZ in November, with national winners also being selected. Judging will be by a panel of industry professionals (including an HIA representative) and will be chaired by Paul Taylor, editorial director at Trends Media Group. To see more of Brindabella’s winning entry please click here.

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