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Brindabella examines why quality bathroom renovations cannot be performed correctly in 2 weeks

Why does it take more than 2 weeks to renovate my bathroom

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We live in a fast-paced society, and let’s face it, many of us want things done immediately without any wait times. However, when it comes to bathroom renovations, extremely tight deadlines can lead to problems later down the track. Brindabella examines why quality bathroom renovations cannot be performed correctly in two weeks. 

Understandably, when a homeowner chooses to renovate, they want things to tick along very quickly. The plan is sorted, and the budget is set, so what’s the hold-up? But when it comes to your new bathroom, quality takes time. This attention to detail and professionalism will ensure your bathroom stands the test of time and is also 100% functional with no hidden problems that can transform your dream renovation project into a nightmare.

So, how long WILL a bathroom take to renovate? In reality – a quality bathroom will take around four to six weeks to complete. Homeowners need to understand why bathroom renovations take this amount of time – it all comes down to the project running smoothly and ensuring a successful result. This should always be at the forefront of your chosen bathroom renovation team.

Understanding Working with Tandem Trades

Bathroom renovations will require a few different trades to work in tandem with each other but not at the same time – think builders, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, and the like. With bathrooms, the space is normally not large enough to cope with different trades working simultaneously. In a small area, doubling up trades cannot only be dangerous, but it can also lead to things going wrong. Anyone working in an expert trade will agree – they need space for their tools and the freedom to do the job right.

Frustrations on the job can quickly escalate when one trade is working over another. Tools may need to be organised and spread over the floor or the power will need to be shut off during different times of the day. For the optimum result, trades tend to work in slots, and not together during a renovation. So, this will add time to the project and push out the deadline.

Quality bathroom renovations can't be completed in just 2 weeksBathroom Requirements & Fixtures/Fittings

Remember that waterproofing is an essential, yet often overlooked, element of a bathroom renovation that takes time. Curing a bathroom needs at least six hours of drying time, and at Brindabella, we require at least four coats of waterproofing to ensure the bathroom will look incredible and stand the test of time from a functional point of view.

Measuring for vanities or stone and your shower screen must also be double-checked and then ordered. This is done once tiling is finished and these items usually have a few weeks lead time.

Bathrooms are a process – from the initial set-up, to the installation and juggling different trades to get the job done at the standards we require; it does take time. Once the painters have applied their final touches and the team is finished, we do a final check and clean before handing clients the bathroom of their dreams.

Bathroom skylight SydneyThe Professional Bathroom Renovation Process

Brindabella also takes the time and care to ensure the bathroom is prepped correctly and our project manager has met the client and explained the renovation process. We take a day to ensure the area is sealed and prepared to decrease the disruption to the homeowner as much as possible through the entire bathroom renovation process.

This includes putting down plastic and protecting hallways, and delivering items. During this day, we also double check everything is ready and that the homeowner is comfortable with the overall design, products, and process. At Brindabella, we ensure that the job will run smoothly from the first day until the last day of the renovation process. We set a schedule and we stick to it.

When the bathroom is complete, we also take a full day to complete a final check and clean the bathroom, as well as professionally clean of any adjoining rooms affected during the renovation, be it a main bedroom, hallway, or lounge room. We also take this time to ensure all the fixtures are correct. Sometimes a drill or piece of equipment might have loosened a hook or fitting, so we will check every small detail and ensure it’s working correctly and looking pristine before finishing the job. It’s this attention to detail that sets Brindabella apart.

But perfection takes time. Homeowners may be impressed with promises of a two-week turnaround, but the project’s outcome could be at risk when you put so much pressure on the completion date. For this reason, it is ultimately impossible to carry out a quality bathroom renovation in two weeks.

If your bathroom is in need of renovation and you’d like to experience the Brindabella difference, contact us today.

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