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What are the crucial questions you should ask yourself before you get started?

Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Questions


Bathroom renovations can be an exciting time for homeowners. But what are the crucial questions you should ask yourself before you get started? From ensuring the bathroom is the perfect fit for your family and lifestyle to how much you should spend on your new bathroom. Brindabella has all the answers!

Bathroom Renovation Question #1: What’s the first step towards getting my renovation started?

When considering a new bathroom, it’s important to get a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Writing down all of the things you love about your current space, and what you loathe can be a good starting point, particularly in terms of functionality. For example, is the room too dark, or is your existing bathroom outdated and needs a modern touch? If not, are you looking to add additional features such as a larger shower/bath, or are you desperate for some storage solutions?

Functionality working alongside aesthetic qualities is the first important step. Creating a beautiful space that does not fit your lifestyle or the role the bathroom needs to accommodate will not stand the test of time, or have the outcome you are wanting to achieve.

Also, consider the total layout of the area. Will you need to add additional plumbing or electrical cables? Where will everything sit – bath under the window or in the centre of the space and what aspects do you want to retain or will it be a complete strip-out and new concept? Again, professional advice can help immensely with guidance in this sector. Expert bathroom designers can see the potential of the space quickly – with impressive results.

This is also the perfect time to consider your budget for your new bathroom. Some aspects may need to be tapered to ensure your project stays on budget. Always give yourself a little wriggle room when creating a budget for any unforeseen problems lurking behind those old bathroom tiles.

Collating your ideas, creating a vision board, and fine-tuning your overall theme and materials, fixtures, and fittings you wish to utilise is also a good starting point.

Bathroom Renovation Question #2: How long will the renovations take?

This will largely depend on how extensive the renovation is and the size of your bathroom. As a general rule of thumb, a bathroom renovation can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on waiting times and trade/fitting/fixtures delivery times. You will want to work with a bathroom renovation business that project manages its own renovations to ensure the project stays on track. Organising different trades yourself can become a logistical nightmare. If one job runs over, it could knock your entire project out by weeks.

Bathroom Renovation Question #3: What to ask when getting a bathroom quote?

When considering who to choose for your project there are some critical questions to ask your provider. Seeing examples of past bathroom renovation work is high on the agenda, as too doing some research into the company. Do they have good reviews, and how long have they been renovating bathrooms? How well do they communicate with clients, and how many bathroom renovations have they completed that are similar to what you are looking for?

Another good question is checking on delivery times and deadlines – and how busy your chosen business is. Also, ask if you can meet the project manager of your renovation. You must also ask if your supplier is licensed and insured for any damage. Other questions to ponder include:

  • Will I need any building permits or council approval? If so, will you arrange this for me?
  • What times will contractors be in my home? Start and finish hours.
  • How will payments work?
  • What doesn’t the proposal cover?
  • Be bold, ask as many questions as possible, and take a checklist with you.

Bathroom Renovation Question #4: Do I have to have a bath?

The great news is – no you do not need to have a bath in your bathroom, especially if the space is small and the tub will encroach on space that could be better utilised. However, if you are renovating for sale purposes, a bath can add value, particularly from a buyer’s point of view. In addition, having at least one bath in the home is advisable for families or if you are considering reselling your property later down the track.

Bathroom Renovation Question #5: Should I tile to the ceiling?

This will also depend on your ventilation and if steam is a problem in your bathroom space. Bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling can ensure your bathroom is easy to keep clean and free from damaging moisture collecting on the wall. Showers need to contain floor-to-ceiling tiles – that can become an impressive focal point. However, if you have ample ventilation and moisture is not a problem in your bathroom, painted or semi-tiled walls outside the shower can be used.

Bathroom Renovation Question #6: How do I make a small bathroom feel bigger?

There are many tips and tricks for making a smaller bathroom seem much more extensive. From the colour palette you choose – think white and bright colours – to emphasising natural light. Tiling from floor-to-ceiling can also make a space seem larger as will the clever use of mirrors – a staple in all bathrooms. Colour matching your tiles and wall paint can also assist in making areas seem more open.

Using larger floor tiles can also help. Likewise, contemplate your vanity. Floating vanities can allow for a better flow throughout the room and make it seem more spacious. And don’t forget the shower! Keeping an open feel will increase the visual aspect of the space – so it might be time to opt for glass-fronted showers.

Bathroom Renovation Question #7: What lighting will I need in the bathroom?

This can be one of the most important elements in a bathroom design concept. The perfect lighting will mimic natural light, but also ensure shadow problems are not an issue – particularly over vanities and mirrors. If you do not have access to natural light in your bathroom, you may need to consider additional lighting. The key is to ensure you have enough light to wake you up in the morning but not too much so that you are blinded in the process. Choosing different bathroom lighting for different needs – getting ready for work to relaxing in the tub. Dimmer lights can work well here or different zoned task lighting – lighting behind mirrors and overhead pendants over vanities.

Bathroom Renovation Question #8: Can I change the layout of my current bathroom?

Yes, in most cases, this can easily be achieved. The budget may play a role here depending on if additional plumbing or council approval is required, particularly if you are considering moving the bath/vanity/shower or adding a toilet. The great news is this is possible, and plumbing can be moved so you can completely change the layout of your existing bathroom.

Sydney Bathroom RenovationsBathroom Renovation Question #9: How can I cut costs when renovating?

The DIY approach isn’t the best idea when considering a complete bathroom renovation. While doing the work yourself can seem like a money saver, all too often it results in problems that need remedial work undertaken to complete the renovation correctly. And, of course, this can end up costing more than a full renovation would have done. In the same way, managing the renovation yourself and scheduling your own trades can sound like a great idea – until the schedule blows out and you are months down the track without a completed bathroom.

If you need to be mindful of your budget, our best advice is to talk to your designer up front as they are the best people to advise you on where to invest your dollars and where you can save a few cents. There is an array of new products coming onto the market and a professional designer’s job is to keep abreast of these new developments so they are providing you with accurate and helpful information.

Bathroom Renovation Question #10: What’s the best way to minimise maintenance once my new bathroom is complete?

The best way to ensure your bathroom stays pristine and clean is to take care of maintenance regularly. This includes preventing mould from cultivating around the space. Wiping down the shower after each use – those handy, specially designed bathroom squeegees work well and don’t forget to keep the room well-ventilated.

Keeping clutter to a minimum is also advised, and checking your bathroom for any leaks or mould problems regularly. Grout can also become an eye sore quickly if not cleaned regularly. Having a good cleaning routine can guarantee your new bathroom will look spic-and-span for its lifetime.

If you’re in the Sydney area and would like to discuss a bathroom renovation further, contact our friendly team on 1300 794 488.

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