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What are the upcoming ideas for bathroom colours & tile designs?

Stunning Colour & Tile Trends for Bathrooms in 2022


Updated August 2023

Time to once again look at the emerging bathroom colour & tile trends in Sydney. As the post-COVID-19 world has been marching forward over the past few years, it’s no surprise that the bathroom colour and tile choices have adjusted in 2023.

After spending almost two years at home in lockdowns and quarantines, with the furthest place we’ve travelled being to a different grocery store in another suburb – we want hope, we want fun and we want to be inspired. Our holiday fund is not being spent and is just sitting there while we look around our homes and many of us are deciding to bring the holiday joy into our everyday lives (we’ve even seen a huge surge in people taking inspiration from, and replicating their favourite holiday destinations in their home renovations).

So, what colours and tile trends can we expect to be popular in 2023? We’ve already done the hard (but very exciting for us) work and have poured over all of the articles and rounded up what’s hot and what’s not so that all you have to do is grab a cuppa, get comfortable and read on with us.

2023 Bathroom Colour Trend #1: Olive Green

Perhaps it’s because a lot of us have become “plant parents” during our time at home (and my goodness, does the indoor plant collection explode out of seemingly nowhere!), coupled with our strong goals to be more environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprints but we can expect to see a lot of earthy, natural green tones akin to Olive Oil. We expect this colour to show up in master bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms for a calming, escaping-to-nature vibe.

2023 Bathroom Colour Trend #2: Lots of Blue!

Blue is set to remain a popular bathroom colour trend for 2022

Blue shades have been dominating the 2023 forecasts.

The popularity of blue is no surprise – blue represents calm, gentle, serene, stability and faith along with being the shades of both the sky and the sea. We are expecting to see all shades of blue dominate colour choices from soft to bold and with every undertone from so grey it’s hard to call it blue anymore to all the way primary blue.

With lighter shades of blue choices, we can still expect to see lots of white as a complementary colour with some of the aforementioned green used as the décor colour – think rugs and painting, along with the plants some of us have been nurturing.

2023 Bathroom Colour Trend #3: Vibrant pops of pinks, yellow and orange

2022 will see pinks, yellows and oranges a popular bathroom colour trends

While the entire planet has come to a standstill and all sources of ‘fun’ are being cancelled or postponed – we are yearning for excitement. Whether it is letting our hair down at a concert or music festival, or simply going somewhere with a crowd of people such as a convention or even a local market, we want our entertainment back.

Both Pantone and British Paints expect to see a burst of bright and vibrant pink, bright yellow and mango orange. The safe millennial pink that has dominated for the last couple of years has seen its heyday and its time for some eye-catching shades to enter our lives.

We expect to see these colours used as both paint and tile choices in 2023 and we expect them to complement each other such as coupling green with orange or green with pale blue.

2023 Bathroom Colour Trend #4: Classic White

It’s hard to foresee a time when bathrooms won’t predominantly feature white hues.  White bathrooms tend to look more clean and bright by their very nature, they’re less likely to “date” as quickly as brighter or more boldly-coloured bathrooms, and they help amplify natural light.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to feel limited by classic white in 2023 – popular designs now incorporate marble or subtle patterns to add an element of creative flair to the base colour.

White bathrooms to remain a colour trend for 2022

2023 Bathroom Colour Trend #5: Wild Wonder™

Described by Dulux as, “a positive, glowing tone, inspired by the natural world“, Wild Wonder™ was awarded as the paint brand’s “Colour Of the Year 2023“. The colour brings a sense of softness, soothing and calm and is symbolic of the move towards bathroom colours which are inspired by nature. 

Whether you choose full-coverage of the colour, or prefer to use it for adding subtle accents, Wild Wonder™ is definitely one of the top colours for 2023 bathrooms. 

Wild Wonder™ is Dulux's Colour of the Year for 2023 and a great option for your Sydney bathroom

2023 Bathroom Tile Trends – Spoilt for Choice!

Thanks to advances in new printing techniques and manufacturing techniques, our imaginations are really the limit in regards to tile choices. There is a massive array of colours, styles, themes and textures available on the market, coupled with the ease of shopping online to source tiles from overseas and gain inspiration, you really can have almost any tile choice you want.

A simple flick through home renovation magazines or a scroll through online galleries will show the vast range of options available to homeowners today. A search for “bathroom tile trends 2023” in Google, Pinterest or Instagram will generate more results than you can possibly explore in one session! By scanning the results and highlighting the options which you find most appealing, you’ll quickly create a “wish list” for your final bathroom tile selection process.

2023 Bathroom Tile Trend #1: Large Format

Bathroom tile trends for 2022

In saying that, as we saw with 2021 tile trends, we are seeing large format tiles are very much on-trend for 2023 and we don’t expect this to change for quite a while. Large format tiles give a cleaner, more modern look that can make the room appear larger. The larger tile size also means there are fewer grout lines, reducing the amount of time and effort required to keep your bathroom clean – a real bonus for busy households!

Another advantage of large format tiles is their ability to create a bold, modern appearance to your bathroom, when compared with smaller tiles.

2023 Bathroom Tile Trend #2: Wood-Look

Wood-imitation bathroom tiles will likely trend in 2022
Image from

Continuing with the 2023 trend for nature-inspired colours & designs, wood-look tiles (also referred to as as “timber-look” tiles) are also seeing a lot of traction in homes. They can be a great alternative to natural hardwood – especially in the bathroom and other wet rooms.

One of the major drawing-cards for wood-look tiles is their ability to withstand the natural impacts of being in a bathroom environment (i.e. lots water, steam & moisture!) while still projecting that warm, natural feeling of real wood.

Thanks to their huge popularity, you should be able to source a wood look tile that mimics your desired hardwood look.

2023 Bathroom Tile Trend #3: Maximising Small Bathrooms

It can be very easy to get overwhelmed with the large range of tiles on the market but coming into it from a practical frame of mind can help narrow it down to your perfect tile. They are the main visual component in a bathroom so here is your opportunity to use them to your advantage!

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, we recommend laying the tiles lengthways for the visual appearance of a larger room. If you want your bathroom to be eye catching to the visitor, consider a non-traditional structure when laying the tiles such as herringbone or hexagon.

Which of These Bathroom Trends Will You Use in 2023?

And there you have it! Personally, we love all of the choices and are looking forward to incorporating these looks into our bathroom renovations. If you’re looking for a bathroom or home renovation, but are a bit unsure of the design process, then speak to us at Brindabella. Our head designer is a Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD AU) and has more than 30 years’ experience designing and building award-winning bathrooms for happy Sydney homeowners.