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Smart Bathroom Trends for 2022


In our ever-growing technological world, smart devices are creeping into every aspect of our lives, and a trending new smart home area is the Sydney bathroom. From voice control to clever toilets (sometimes referred to as “intelligent toliets”), your bathroom could be helping in many ways you might not have even imagined. We’ve rounded up some of the top 2022 smart bathroom trends that will make your bathroom a tech-lover’s dream.

Smart Bathroom Trend #1: Voice Control

“Hey Alexa, turn on the lights”: Forget stumbling your way into the bathroom in the middle of the night, digital voice assistants are here to help and it’s not hard to see why they are fast becoming a new way of life for many busy people.

It’s not just lights and music that voice control can assist with. Brands such as U by Moen and Kohler are releasing smart faucets and bathtubs that can fill up cups and baths by simply telling them what you want – down to the temperature and the exact measurements.

Consider implementing voice control in your bathroom, for extra convenience

Smart Bathroom Trend #2: Smart Toilets and Bidets

Yep, the humble throne is much more clever than you might think and some even come with a remote control or can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Just some of the capabilities we are currently seeing when it comes to smart toilets are:

  • Automatic opening/closing of the lid in which the toilet will recognise your presence and the lid will open as you walk up to it
  • Temperature control for the seat
  • Automatic flushing
  • Personalised washing and drying
  • Massage/Spa-like washing
  • Automatic deodorisation
  • Self-cleaning functions
  • Night light inclusion
  • Anti-bacterial seat

Of course, all of these amazing features are going to increase the cost of the toilet quite significantly above your standard loo, however, we do have another option if this all sounds tantalising but it won’t quite fit your budget: the smart toilet seat. This clever seat can be retrofitted to your existing toilet and within no time, you’ll be enjoying some luxurious toilet time.

Clever toliets, sometimes referred to as "Intelligent toilets", can really change your bathroom experience!

Smart Bathroom Trend #3: Smart Mirrors

Android users, do we have a treat for you! We’ve seen a couple of smart bathroom mirrors that can transform into tablets while still allowing you to use the mirror such as the Embrace Smart Mirror and the Englaon Smart Mirror.

Perfect for a person always on-the-go, these clever devices can be controlled via voice control, hand gestures or touch and are packed full of everyone’s favourite apps. With a smart mirror, you can send emails via voice dictation, follow along with hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube and even order an Uber while you are getting ready. It can even take a selfie for you via voice command so that you are not holding the phone in the photograph.

If that wasn’t enough, these mirrors are even compatible with many Home Automation Systems and can control aspects of your home such as the blinds, lights, temperature and more.

If you don’t require that much tech of your mirror, there are plenty of more toned down options that have tech extras such as USB charging, speakers and defogging capabilities.

Smart Bathroom Trend #4: Bathroom Safe Televisions

If you love to soak in the tub and watch your favourite programs, then a bathroom television might be for you. But of course, electricity does not mix with moisture or heat so finding a bathroom safe television can prove tricky. There are a few lesser-known manufacturers who do cater for this niche. The OCEA Pro Bathroom TV by Evervue has 4K definition with a fog free screen and can still be operated with touch control even when your fingers are wet.  However, if you are too comfortable to move, it can also be operated via voice control. The television can be both surface and recessed mounted – an option for those who may like a television screen on their shower wall.

Smart Bathroom Trend #5: Smart Scales

Love them or hate them, bathroom scales have become little geniuses over time. Packed full of features, they have also received quite the facelift in recent years, paving the way for them to part of the bathroom décor and not tucked ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

As many of us now wear smartwatches and our phones track our steps and high-intensity periods, top end smart scales are available to sync with companion devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For those who love to have a physical track of their results, or perhaps the doctor has asked for their history, some can also create PDF printable records.

From protein levels, bone mass, basal metabolic rate to limb and torso muscle and fat masses, smart scales can really analysis your entire body. They all differ in what stats they record so make sure you do your research about what is important to you before you buy.

Looking to Add Technology To Your Bathroom?

We hope we’ve taught you a thing or two about smart bathrooms. Technology is always in research mode with new and exciting releases hitting the market. If you’re looking to add smart technology into your bathroom renovation, it’s important to make sure that you’re investing in new technology and not something that is becoming outdated and in the instances of app-related devices, will not have update and bug support. We recommend having a chat to our friendly team and together, we’ll create the bathroom of your dreams.