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Choosing to renovate is just the first step in the renovation or new build process.

Process of a bathroom renovation

Windows are a great option for bathroom ventilation

Investing in a new bathroom can entail many steps before the finished product stands proudly in your home. Brindabella uncovers the vital steps to ensure the result is highly functional and picture-perfect.

The design and delivery of a spectacular new bathroom renovation involves a number of key steps – choosing to renovate is just the first step in the renovation or new build process. Renovating a bathroom is not like purchasing a new lounge suite; the entire development takes time and precision to ensure the bathroom meets the needs and expectations of the client. Brindabella takes pride in ensuring every aspect of your new bathroom is completed with high-level attention to detail to guarantee spectacular results.

Although every renovation has its own unique elements, most will follow a standard path from beginning to end.

Brindabella's bathroom renovation processBathroom Renovation Process: Building Relationships

When it comes to finding the perfect bathroom installation and design expert, it’s all about creating those crucial client relationships. Bathrooms take time, particularly from design through to delivery. At Brindabella, once an inquiry comes into our office, we ensure we are the perfect fit for you and the bathroom project. Understanding that bathroom design and installation can take up to four to six weeks, and having a good relationship with the homeowner is vital to the success of the entire process.

A no-obligation complimentary meeting at the client’s home is critical to ensure our services meet your expectations. During this meeting, we collect vital information about your bathroom expectations, gain technical knowledge by viewing the location and we are able to showcase previous similar work with examples of plans and shopping lists so you know what we can do. This chat gives us an insight into your needs and it means we know in advance whether we need to order any special items such as marble or certain tiles. This information is critical for costing and ordering times to give us a definite start date for the project.

During this time, we will also touch on design – however, design is a significant process and an exciting part of the project that needs a lot of insight and does take time; this is an extensive job discussed in detail later down the track. From looking at the architectural plans, colour and theme, to understanding how much foot traffic the bathroom will have and the durability and sustainability of the new space – we go into great detail.

Then we will give an example of our schedule and the possible project manager who will be looking after the job. During this stage, the process is still complimentary to ensure the client and Brindabella fit well. After this stage, clients will be invited to the Brindabella Headquarters to view their bathroom pricing estimate and discuss the plans further.

Brindabella clients should expect that the cost of their bathroom will generally be in the mid-to-high $40K into the $50Ks based on a 5sqm bathroom with medium to high-end finishes.

Bathroom Renovation Process: Visiting Headquarters

The Brindabella HQ is where all the action lives. Clients are invited to come and see our ‘home’ and view the pricing estimate, alongside reviewing any technical information about the new bathroom. During this visit, we will have a shopping list containing information regarding toilets, vanities, shower screens, etc. At Brindabella, we take pride in showcasing our quality of builds and allowing clients to take a behind-the-scenes look at the place we call home. Here we will also discuss Brindabella’s impressive history and take clients for a tour of our Research & Development section to give clients an understanding of the technicality behind a bathroom. From waterproofing and solid blocking double rebate architraves through to solid doors, this is where any technical questions are answered and discussed with clients to guarantee the bathroom is functional and stands the test of time.

A boardroom presentation then provides clients with the costing information and estimate alongside images and a live set of plans and schedules. Shopping lists are also presented again and double-checked by the client. If the client is happy with the estimates and the service, a preliminary agreement will be signed, and a small invoice deposit will be issued.

Bathroom Renovation Process: Design Time

The most exciting part of the new bathroom journey is design. This can take up to four to six weeks. Your personal designer will take you through any technical aspects and offer advice and solutions for your design. At Brindabella, we will hold your hand and walk you through all aspects of bathroom design. Then, we will personally take clients to showrooms that suit their exact needs, tastes, and budget.

The Brindabella HQ does not have a showroom because bathroom trends, fixtures, and fittings move at an exponential pace, and there is too much on offer to showcase these impressive products in one place. Instead, your professional bathroom designer will choose via demographics, geographics, and budget, will select showrooms for you to view to make an educated choice for your new bathroom.

From here, your bathroom designer will start developing incredibly accurate plans – right down to the millimetre – while checking in with HQ for any technical updates. After this time, a check and measure appointment is booked when the designer, alongside a project manager, will go through all the technical aspects with the client. Finally, once the design is approved and the client is happy, it’s time to move the bathroom toward installation.

Bathroom Renovation Process: Installation

You’ve got the costing, the plans and had extensive meetings with your expert bathroom designer. Now it’s time to prepare for installation. But what takes place in this important step? The project manager and designer are all prepped, and the check measure appointment is booked. Now is the time our project manager will come and assess your home. This will include looking at access points, where trades will park and take breaks, where the rubbish will be collected, and all the essential aspects of ensuring trades can work within your home with the least disruption possible. At this stage, the project manager will also check the mains pressure and look at the precise aspects of your water supply.

Back at headquarters, the contracts will be completed and ready for signing while offering the final presentation of your bathroom. Here you will be provided with your final costing alongside a schedule of your progress payments. You will also be given a firm start date for the installation.

The start date will depend on various factors, particularly if items must be ordered overseas. For example, items such as tiles from Italy could have a 16-week lead time. During this time, other items will also be requested. This will ensure all the products, fixtures, and fittings for your new bathroom are at HQ, ready for dispatch on the exact day and time we will start the installation.

When products arrive ready for your new bathroom, they are double-checked by the Brindabella team to ensure the quality meets our high expectations and there are no unforeseen issues come start day. All trades will also be booked and ready to go.

A solid work schedule will be created, and the client will be briefed and ready to install their dream bathroom. Because of the level of planning and detail we do beforehand, on the day your bathroom is due to start the project manager will knock on the door and your bathroom renovation will go like clockwork, all according to schedule. While there is a lot of work done before construction starts, it means that when it’s “go” time, it’s a breeze.

With the project beginning the installation phase, the homeowner can sit back and watch the magic unfold and take pride in creating the perfect bathroom. Technically sound, highly functional, and simply stunning.

If you would like to experience the Brindabella Difference for your bathroom renovation, talk to us today.

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