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2021: New Year, New Bathroom!

2022: New Year, New Bathroom!

Updated March 2022

Happy New Year! We’ve made it to 2022 and if your News Year’s resolution or 2022 wish list includes updating your bathroom, then you’re in luck – we’ve got some GREAT reasons as to why you should renovate your Sydney bathroom sooner rather than later. So, sit back and let’s chat about why you deserve to update your bathroom.

If your bathroom is feeling tired and dated or just isn’t keeping pace with your modern lifestyle, you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with a bathroom renovation. Today’s bathrooms are no longer simply a room to wash and groom in; they are equipped with technology, specialised heating, gorgeous finishes and are designed to be a luxurious haven in which you can pamper yourself before you head out the door, or indulge and relax in the evenings.

Family bathroom functionality

2021 bathroom renovations in SydneyRenovating your bathroom is a great time to rectify any issues that may not be currently working for your family. Perhaps your bathroom pre-dates your children and now you’ve got babies, children or growing teens also needing to use the space. Each family member will most likely have their own personal items and requirements of the room which can drive everyone mad if there’s not adequate storage room or organisation.

If your bathroom is bursting at the brims trying to cater for everyone and you want to stop the chaos and start bringing in some calm and order, then we recommend getting all the family together and write a list of all the short comings you are experiencing now and expect to continue, or pop up, in the coming years. Don’t worry about feeling the need to come up with solutions for each issue straight away – our talented team of bathroom designers love to assist and have a huge bank of knowledge when it comes to designing the perfect bathroom for each client!

On the other hand, maybe your bathroom is equipped to handle lots of family visitors but they are now at the age where they are leaving the nest or have moved out already leaving you with areas in the bathroom that you could transform into something you’d love, such as removing the bath tub or storage area for a lovely new spa bath to soak in or extend the shower out.

Return on investment

If your house is not going to be your ‘forever home’, then picture what the photos will look like in its real estate listing. Will the bathroom entice potential buyers to come and view the home or will it turn people off?

The bathroom, along with the kitchen, is generally one of the most expensive rooms to renovate so when house hunting, many buyers look to see if those rooms are already to their liking. If not, they may put in a lower offer to compensate the cost of a renovation or simply pass on the house.

If selling your home is on your future plan, here are our tips to use the bathroom renovation to make your Sydney home sale worthy. Keep the design modern, tasteful and steer clear of bold or quirky choices that might be a turn off. While you will most likely never know the new owners likes and dislikes, it’s best to err on the safe side. In saying that, you don’t need to keep a ‘cookie cutter’ aesthetic either – hero an item like an oversized vanity or step-down spa bath to make the room special and really tickle a buyer’s fancy.

Improve home quality

With everyone spending more time than ever at home, why not transform the bathroom into a room you want to visit over and over again? Now is the perfect time to think of your favourite hotel bathrooms that you’ve visited on your travels and convert your bathroom into your own lavish retreat. Why not add a plunge bath or soaking tub to relax and unwind with a refreshing beverage and your favourite podcast or playlist through some built in Bluetooth speakers? Add some mood lighting, underfloor heating and a high-tech mirror and soon you’ll have a bathroom worthy of 5-Star reviews.

If family members are working or studying from home during the day now, the bathroom will definitely see a lot more use. You may feel as though you’d like to make it more appealing and nicer to visit with a modern update. Perhaps it needs a function overhaul by building in more storage space for items on a higher rotation such as toilet paper and hand soap.

Better bathroom energy efficiency

We know that a bathroom renovation is not cheap. But did you know that besides having a beautiful new bathroom, another benefit of renovating is lower electricity bills? In our ever environmentally-conscious world, many of your older bathroom items will most likely have new energy-efficient options on the market. Lighting, shower heads, taps and the toilet all have many options on the market today with excellent energy efficiency – look for the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) star rating when shopping to compare different items. Eventually, by updating all of these, your renovation may even end up paying for itself!

Whether your vision for 2022 involves more time at home, prepping your home for a sale in the future or adapting your surroundings to your family’s need or even just a fresh update because your bathroom and yourself deserve it, our experienced team at Brindabella are here to help at every step – from brainstorming and designing to the final unveiling, you can count on Brindabella to create your dream bathroom.

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