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Tips for designing the perfect Sydney bathroom

Luxury Bathroom Elements

Whether it’s winding down at the end of the day or prepping ourselves to head out the door, there’s no denying that doing so in a luxurious setting feels oh-so-good. Make every trip to the bathroom feel like you’re visiting a five-star hotel with our compilation of some of our favourite luxurious bathing elements. We promise they will make you look forward to visiting the bathroom over and over again!

Luxury bathroom elementsEnvy-Worthy Showers

Step up your shower experience with these extravagant shower additions.

  • Overhead rain shower – drench your worries away as if you’re caught in the middle of the rain and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. For a modern look, choose a ceiling flush mount fixture so the water truly appears to be coming from the sky.
  • Massaging shower head – say goodbye to aches and pains with a massaging shower head. They come with a variety of intensities and modes to tailor the experience for your preference.
  • Chromotherapy shower head – chromotherapy shower heads use coloured lights to soothe and relax with each colour associated with a different kind of energy. Not only do you get the therapy benefits, but it is makes for a fabulous light show.
  • Bluetooth speaker shower head – can’t resist belting out a few tunes whenever you step into the shower? Luckily for you, there are plenty of high-quality shower heads on the market with a speaker in the middle of the head for direct music straight to your ears. If you love the idea but it’s not available on the shower head you like, luckily there is a plethora of waterproof shower speakers for you to prop next to your shampoos.
  • Dual shower heads/twin shower heads – for those who like having full control, dual shower heads consists of a rail containing both a fixed shower head and a handheld spray shower head. They also allow you to have the best of both worlds with a rainfall shower head for the fixture and a standard shower head for the handheld.

Deep baths can provide the ultimate in bathroom luxuryDeep Luxurious Baths

Drift away as you submerge yourself into a body of water with one of these luxurious baths, designed for pure comfort.

  • Soaker/soaking tub – Designed to be deeper than a standard tub, these deep baths are akin to having your own indoor plunge pool. While they come in an array of shapes and sizes to suit your taste and bathroom space, they are generally shorter lengthwise.
  • Japanese bath – similar to a soaking tub, a Japanese bath is smaller again and the user sits upright with the water coming up to the shoulders. If space is an issue but you would love a deep bath, we recommend checking Japanese baths out.
  • Spa bath – A popular choice when thinking of luxurious bathrooms, spa baths let the user unwind in a warm bath while water or air jets pummel away. Spa baths are great for relaxation and hydrotherapy – in fact there is quite an extensive list of health benefits that spa baths have been linked to, including improved sleep quality, lower blood pressure and a decrease in migraines and headaches.
  • Sunken bath – give the allure of an indoor pool with a sunken bath. Sunken baths can be fully sunk to the floor level or semi-sunk with a platform. If the room doesn’t allow it but you love the idea, consider fitting steps in front of the bath to create the effect .

Heated flooring in your bathroom can provide luxurious comfortHeated Bathroom Features

There is nothing luxurious about feeling freezing after a bath or shower, especially when the temperature drops in the cooler months, so consider exploring these bathroom heating additions.

  • Heated towel rails – coming in all shapes and sizes to aesthetically suit your bathroom, feel like you are grabbing a towel fresh from the dryer or at a day spa every time with a heated towel rail. Not only do they deliver toasty and soft towels, but they can also heat up the entire room and reduce condensation. Heated towel rails are retro-fitted, meaning you can update them to suit your current décor.
  • Heated mirror – a foggy mirror can be a bit of a buzzkill in your luxe bathroom so consider a thin heater pad placed behind your favourite bathroom mirror and say hello to a clear reflection each time you step out of a warm shower.
  • Heated flooring – do you cringe when you step on cold tiles in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning? You can choose to heat the entire floor area or target specific sections such as in front of the mirror and toilet. As the heat rises from the floor, it will gently heat the entire room. Although it does need to be at the forefront of a renovation and installed before the floor is laid, it is relatively cost-effective yet delivers a very opulent experience.
  • Heated toilet/bidet – keep the bathroom throne nice and warm with a heated toilet and/or bidet. Of course, something this luxurious often comes with other great features so expect to see extra deluxe bonuses like automatic flushing, air freshening, nightlights and self-cleaning.

Technological upgrades can truly modernise your bathroomBathroom Technology

  • Television mirror – while you are soaking away in your tub or spa, why not watch your favourite program or the latest movie as well? Choose a mirror that can double as a television – while the screen is on, the television display shows and when you are not watching, it remains as a fully functional clear mirror.
  • Bluetooth lighting – impress guests with switching on the lighting for them from your phone when they need to visit the bathroom.
  • Touch-free tapware/ hands-free faucet – hygiene and technology come together with touch free taps. First making their way into public restrooms, they are sensor activated and automatically switch off after a few seconds or when it can no longer detect the users hands.

Whether you want to indulge or impress, at Brindabella, we pride ourselves on creating bathrooms you thought never existed. Contact us today and together, let’s create your luxurious five-star bathroom.

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