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What to expect to spend on a Sydney bathroom renovation

How much will my bathroom renovation cost?

If you’re embarking on a bathroom renovation in Sydney, you’ll likely be asking yourself “how much will my bathroom renovation cost?”. It’s a reasonable question, particularly if you are new to renovating, but it can be very tricky to give a specific answer. A bathroom is not like an oven or a coffee machine with recommended retail prices for different models. Because your bathroom is custom-designed to suit your space and your family’s individual needs, the final price can vary greatly, from AUD$10,000 to AUD$40,000 or more depending on many factors which we’ll cover in this article.

But… don’t despair. Here are the top three areas that will impact the final cost of your bathroom renovation together with our expert advise on how to manage those costs.

Bathroom Renovation Cost #1: The scope of the project

How much will my sydney bathroom renovation cost?The main area that will impact the cost of your bathroom renovation is the scope of the project. Is the bathroom part of larger renovation or addition to your home? Are building works involved such as moving walls and/or replacing floors? Do you require council approvals as part of the project?

What finishes and fixtures will you choose? Natural stone or feature tiles will be more expensive than ceramic or porcelain, for example, and wall or floor panels will generally be more expensive than tiles. A large, feature freestanding bath with designer floor-mounted tapware might reflect the latest design trends but will generally come with a higher price tag than a budget-friendly, back-to-wall model. Frameless glass looks amazing but semi-framed for framed shower screen options might be at a more cost-effective price point.

Trade costs will make up a huge part of the bathroom renovation budget. There can be up to six different trades used in a bathroom renovation including the plumber, tiler, carpenter, electrician, waterproofer, painter and labourer. If the bathroom is part of a larger renovation project you may also need the services of a structural engineer. If your plumbing fixtures are staying in situ, for example, you may save a bit on plumbing costs but if the layout and future functionality of the space really means moving things around you’ll need to allow for additional plumbing works.

Bathroom Renovation Cost #2: Makeover or full renovation?

While a makeover will enhance the ambiance of the space and make it look fresh and new, it can’t address any issues with functionality or layout. Re-tiling or re-surfacing, even if you update a couple of major items such as the vanity or the bath to refresh the room and make it look more visually-appealing, won’t provide you with better use of the available space. This is why a makeover is generally the cheaper option.

If you choose the full renovation option, this gives you the opportunity to re-design and re-position items as needed to not only make the bathroom more functional but ensure every centimetre is utilised to its fullest extent. In a full renovation, everything is removed and replaced entirely which means the design and layout can be perfected. It also means the latest in design trends and technology can be applied to your space.

With a full renovation you can investigate options to move (or remove) walls to make the bathroom larger or consider including additional features such as a dressing room or walk-through wardrobe. Storage is a key issue in many bathrooms, particularly in more compact spaces, so a full renovation is the best solution to ensure your bathroom includes as much storage as needed.

In many older homes, waterproofing will need to be addressed and this will only be possible with a full renovation which provides the builder with the opportunity to repair any in-wall or under-floor damage to ensure the new bathroom meets today’s higher standards.

In real terms, a full renovation can be expected to last the homeowner up to 15 years so this also gives you a chance to consider making allowances for how your needs, and your family’s needs, will change over that time. A makeover will not last anywhere near that lifetime so it’s considered more of a bandaid solution. Saving now on a makeover may just mean you have to pay more later when you realise it hasn’t lasted.

Bathroom Renovation Cost #3: What is your renovation goal?

There are so many reasons why homeowners choose to renovate so the impetus behind your decision can play a key role in what you decide to invest in the cost. Some of the more common reasons to renovate your bathroom include a change in lifestyle, a change in your family circumstances, a chance to update an old or out-of-date room, needing more functionality, an upgrade to suit your lifestyle, or as part of a re-sell plan.

We know most people want more functionality and practical inclusions, and they ask us to create them a room that is visually appealing with plenty of space, lots of storage, easy access. That’s why we custom-design every bathroom we produce to ensure it’s perfect for each and every individual family. We also recognise there are many reasons to renovate so we take all these special requirements into consideration.

Why choose Brindabella?

The most common budget blowouts in bathroom renovations occur around trades and trade scheduling, typically with DIY jobs where an inexperienced renovator doesn’t have the experience to stay one step ahead with scheduling. At Brindabella, we have experienced site managers, project managers and schedulers who are as adept with trade schedules as they are with a chess board. They are in constant contact with all the trades working on our projects and can make daily, or even hourly, adjustments within the schedule to ensure the job stays on track.

The other common budget blow out comes from homeowners struggling with what to put on their “must have” list and what to put in the “negotiable” column. At Brindabella, our specialist designers, including a Certified Bathroom Designer, provide expert advice to help navigate this path and can offer ideas for substitutions or ways to apply your budget to suit your needs.

Bathroom renovations in Sydney do not need to be a stress-filled and unpleasant exercise when you work with experts who are passionate about design and quality workmanship. Brindabella holds a full builders licence so we are able to design and cost the project from start to finish. Why not schedule your design appointment today?

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