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Don't let a small bathroom limit your style

Clever solutions for small bathroom renovations

If you only have a small bathroom space but need plenty of storage and functionality, don’t despair! We’ve put together our best hints and tips for managing a small bathroom to make sure you maximise every available centimetre. Our award-winning Sydney bathroom renovations feature clever design strategies to ensure every bathroom is packed full of practical inclusions and luxury features, so we’ll share our insider knowledge to help you make the most of your space.

Small Bathroom Design Tip #1 – Design to a Style

Professional small bathroom design makes all the differenceSmall bathroom designs benefit from the application of a particular style as this creates a cohesive design rather than a jumble of ideas. Whether you choose a traditional, modern, eclectic or contemporary style, make sure you stick to that throughout the design – don’t try to add in anything that doesn’t fit within the style guide as this will stand out visually and detract from what you are trying to achieve.

In a smaller bathroom, careful attention to detail will ensure all the required elements for functionality can be included within the smaller footprint. If you’re going for a contemporary style, the minimalist effect of handle-less drawers and a pared-back aesthetic can make a room feel larger. If you prefer a more classic or traditional finish, choose a colour palette that’s warm, welcoming and relaxing as this creates a space that is a joy to inhabit.

Example #1: Here, the traditional aesthetic works perfectly as it provides a timeless appeal while the choice of fittings, fixtures and tiles makes the room warm and welcoming.

Small Bathroom Design Tip #2 – Maximise Space

Maximise space in your small bathroom renovation designIn any bathroom renovation design the idea is to make the most of every available centimetre but, in a small bathroom design, this becomes critical. The bathroom layout becomes an essential part of the success of the final design so think carefully about what elements are “must haves” or where you can combine functionality to save space.

A heated towel rail, for example, can be a bulky fixture so consider a vertical unit (installed individually or grouped) which will take up less space. For the vanity, consider a wall-hung unit that is open at the bottom to make the room feel larger, or a recessed shaving cabinet which can provide extra storage without protruding into the room.

Example #2: To maximise space even further and stay in keeping with the original design of the home, the original plaster wall vent was retained and it was used to hide the exhaust fan which was mounted in the cavity behind.

Small Bathroom Design Tip #3 – Use Visual Effects

Small bathroom shower spaceYour small bathroom can really benefit from your designer’s years of experience in creating visual effects. Creating a visual focal point can draw attention to the rear of the room and therefore trick the eye into believing the room is larger than in reality. Simple colour schemes using similar tones can also make a small bathroom appear larger as opposed to highly contrasting colour schemes which draw attention to the visual boundaries within a room.

Bathroom mirrors work really well in a small bathroom as they bounce light around the room and also reflect the environment which can trick the eye into believing the room is more expansive. Glass works in the same way. Consider having a wet area to remove any need for a shower screen or, if one is absolutely necessary, choose a frameless glass option (Starphire glass is best).

Example #3: The pebbled floor represents water trickling through a creek bed. In this way, a visual focal point is created within the small bathroom that draws attention to the rear of the room and therefore tricks the eye into believing the room is larger than in reality.


Small Bathroom Design Tip #4 – Pops of Colour

Pops of colour help your small bathroom renovation stand outWith any small bathroom design, the challenge is how to bring the space to life and create an environment conducive to both the morning rush and evening relaxation. Pops of colour provide natural “stop” points within the small bathroom that create points of interest and allow the eye to naturally settle as it tracks around the room.

Colour is also perfect to add a splash of your own personality to a space without overwhelming the bathroom with a garish combination. And don’t be fooled by the old wives’ tale that smaller bathrooms must have lighter colour palettes. A deeper colour combination, in the hands of an expert designer, can bring your small bathroom to life without making it feel enclosed.

Example #4: This example uses a bright splash of mosaic colour against a bright white and timber vanity that not only accentuates the bathroom layout but adds a pop of personality.

Small Bathroom Design Tip #5 – Create nooks and crannys

Our last tip for your small bathroom is to look for anything you can recess to avoid – as much as possible – having any protruding elements within in the room. Recess your shaving cabinet into the wall cavity, create a nook in the shower to store shampoos and conditioners, recess the toilet cistern within the wall to create a cleaner, more streamlined effect – even accessories can be recessed if a clever approach is taken.

Think inwards instead of outwards, push your fittings and fixtures into the walls as much as possible to create as much depth, height and width as you can. Consider an overhead shower that falls from the ceiling rather than a wall-mounted version and talk to your designer about concealing the plumbing behind the tiles, rather than having something like a shower rail protruding into the space.

Example #5: handy nook shelving adjacent to the main work area of the bathroom provides storage space for often-used items.

A challenging small bathroom needs an expert design solution and our specialist designers are on hand to offer their knowledge and years of experience to solving your small bathroom dilemma. Call us today and schedule your design appointment.

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