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Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity


It can sound like a daunting task to choose the perfect vanity for you but we think it’s actually quite an exciting part of the bathroom renovation process! Along with other feature items such as the bath and shower, the vanity has the power to elevate the style of the room, set the mood and deliver a beautiful experience for those using it. We’ve broken down some of our top tips to help you choose the right vanity for you and your family.

1. Consider your space

Vanities come in all shapes and sizes – some take up the entire length of a wall while others are small and are only large enough to hold a basin. Predominantly, your choice of vanity size will come down to the space available. If you’d like to move the location of your current vanity, or are building in a new powder room, you will need to consider where your current plumbing and electricals are located. Australia also has strict requirements as to where outlets can be placed in the bathroom, which may affect the placement of your vanity.

We also like to encourage you to think about what is important to you. Is it a large vanity with more than ample bench space, a large oversized shower or perhaps ensuring there is a tub to relax or bathe children? If you are happy to trade the tub or shower size, then you may find that you do have more space for a vanity and cupboards underneath. If you cannot bear to forgo or compromise the size of the other bathroom items, then a smaller, floating vanity may be perfect for you.

2. Double or single vanity sink?

Double or single bathroom sink

Sure, double vanities look impressive, but is it going to be necessary for your bathroom? While we do often see double vanities in the main bathroom, they are generally located in the main ensuite – perfect for two people brushing their teeth before or after bed. Think about all the things you use on a daily basis (cosmetics, hair products and tools, shaving equipment, etc). If there is not going to be ample space on the vanity to hold these things, you may find yourself getting frustrated with the lack of space, or find yourself placing the items in the second sink, which may be wet from previous use.

On the other hand, if you have a large family with children constantly competing over sink time while they are getting ready – then we definitely recommend looking into seeing if a bathroom vanity with two sinks will work best for your home.

3. Bathroom vanity styles

Generally speaking, the vanity’s style complements the style of the room. If you have the room to spare, then you can really make your vanity the hero of the room’s style and make it a grand statement piece. That’s not to say that a vanity in a smaller room can’t make a statement. Even if the space is very small, the materials, basin and tapware you choose can all lend to the style and functionality of the room.

Now that we’ve worked out an idea of how our bathroom and vanity is going to look and work for us – it’s time to choose a type! Here is a quick overview of five of the more popular trends:

 1. Freestanding vanity

Perfect for those opting for a traditional style bathroom, but will still suit all styles, a freestanding vanity stands directly on the floor (but will still need to be anchored to the wall). This is ideal for those who like plenty of storage space. A freestanding vanity will also cover up all of your plumbing – perfect for keeping the room looking sleek and tidy.

Freestanding bathroom vanities

2. Floating/Wall hung vanity

If you would like your bathroom to appear larger, but don’t want to compromise on storage space, then a floating, otherwise known as wall hung, vanity may be just perfect for you. Unlike the freestanding vanity which stands on the floor, this modern style vanity allows one’s eyes to continuously follow the bathroom floor (great if you have beautiful tiles that you want to show off!), making the room appear larger, while also holding some drawers or cabinets to hide away bathroom items and maybe a few folded towels.

3. Pedestal vanity

If bench space isn’t very important for your vanity, room is tight or you are going for a heritage style in your bathroom, then we recommend considering a slim and chic pedestal vanity. A pedestal vanity is usually just a pedestal sink that has a slim ridge around the outside to allow for the placement of small items.

Pedestal bathroom vanity

4. Vessel vanity

Another popular modern style, a vessel vanity sees the basin sitting above the vanity benchtop, or the basin can also be semi-recessed. If you would like a beautiful basin (or two) to be the centrepiece of your bathroom, then this may be the option for you. A vessel vanity will also require taller tapware and may be harder to clean around but they definitely have a great wow factor.

5. Under-mounted/ under bench basin

If sleek, polished lines are important to you, then we suggest considering an under-mounted (or under bench) sink. As the name suggests, the basin is installed below the vanity top. This option is perfect for showing off your vanity benchtop material whether it be stone or polished concrete as the entire top will have a seamless look.

While choosing a vanity can be tricky, it is also one of the best ways to show off the style of your bathroom and allow for a beautiful bathroom experience, whether it is for your family and yourself getting ready in the morning and evening or for guests washing their hands or tidying themselves up. Our head designer is a Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD AU) and has more than 30 years’ experience designing and building award-winning bathrooms for happy Sydney homeowners.