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For something that you want to enjoy every single day, we’re here to help you make the right decision.

Choosing the right shower


When it comes to choosing the right shower for you, many people start to feel overwhelmed – there are so many options on the market! For something that you want to enjoy every single day, we’re here to help you make the right decision.

First, you’ll have to decide who will be using the shower head – if you have more than one bathroom in your house, it might be worth splurging on just one advanced shower head in the bathroom you’ll be using the most. For the other bathroom, if you’re bathing children or even pets, you may want to consider selecting a shower head more suitable, such as one on a rail so you can detach the shower head and it becomes handheld.

Choosing the right shower tip #1: Overhead rain showers

Akin to the feeling you get when you stand outside in the rain, an overhead rain shower head is ceiling mounted and covers a large area, ensuring your body is always in the line of the water flow. Usually with light pressure to resemble the feeling of being in the rain, this luxurious experience will have you basking as ‘rain’ washes your body.

Choosing the right shower tip #2: Smart shower heads

Yep, everything is getting smarter. The U by Moen is a standout for us. It can be controlled via voice, phone and controller and can be turned on with voice activation to the exact temperature you desire. When it’s ready, you’ll receive a notification that it is ready for you to hop in. If you’d like a little extra time, you can simply pause it to save water. Not only that, with the U by Moen, you can save your preferred settings for next time.

Choosing the right shower tip #3: Customised shower heads

If you’ve ever wanted to have a shower without getting your hair or face wet, then the Hansgrohe Rainfinity might be for you – designed to envelop the entire body, from head to toe, in water – the wall connection allows the shower head to be tilted between 10 and 30 degrees, keeping from your neck up protected and dry – perfect for when you want to shower but don’t want to mess us your existing makeup and/or hair.

Choosing the right shower tip #4: Speakers

For those who love to listen to their favourite tunes or podcasts while they shower, the Kohler Moxie showerhead speaker plays music from above your head through a Bluetooth speaker that can be easily removed and carried around for hours if you’re not finished listening.

Choosing the right shower tip #5: Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, otherwise known as colour therapy, uses lights and colour as a type of alternative medicine treatment to treat mental and physical health (though there is currently no scientific backing evidence). It is based on the notion that certain colours can impact our body in different ways such as red being energising and invigorating while blue can assist with sleeping and ease muscle tension. Shower head manufacturers have incorporated this theory into the bathroom, resulting in not only a visually spectacular shower, but one with added health benefits.

Choosing the right shower tip #6: Digital shower heads

A digital shower is perfect for anyone that is very particular about the temperature of their shower. With a built-in thermostat, it works by mixing both hot and cold water together until it reaches your desired temperature precisely to the exact degree – no more waiting under a cold stream waiting for the hot water to kick in or random spikes and drops in the temperature. When the mixer has reached your chosen temperature, some models will use a lighting system to let you know that your shower is ready.

Choosing the right shower tip #7: Multi spray setting shower heads

Perfect for those who like to switch their showers up, a multi spray setting shower uses either a button or a simple twist to change the flow of the water. Settings can include a powerful spray sending out a forceful stream of water, mist for a gentle spray, massage which uses jets and pulses to relieve tension or a simple full body that covers the entire body.

Choosing the right shower tip #8: Water saving/low-flow shower heads

All shower heads sold in Australia are required to have a WELS label, with a rating from 1 to 4 (4 being the highest water saver) to make it easier to select a water saving shower head. Rather than standing under a trickle of water, these shower heads use a restrictor to preserve water while still delivering a similar, if not the same experience as a higher flower shower head.

While some may look at taking a daily shower as a chore, others look forward it and view it as an opportunity to self-indulge and block out the noise of the day-to-day schedule. And why not? If it’s something that we have to do, you may as well make it something you’ll enjoy! So whether you’ve chosen an overhead rain shower to stream over your body or perhaps you’d like to take advantage of the added benefits that a chromotherapy shower will bring, we hope that it will bring a spring to your step when it comes to the bathroom routine.

If you’re in the Sydney area and would like to discuss a bathroom renovation further, contact our friendly team on 1300 794 488.

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