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Benefits of a great laundry design

Laundries are like the cleaning hub of the house. They not only clean our dirty clothes, linen, towels and more, but often house all of the equipment and products to clean the rest of the home. With this is mind, and knowing that doing the washing is one of those household chores that most of us want to get done and move on, it’s so important to create a well-designed laundry. Our home renovation experts have put together a few must haves when it comes to optimal laundry design – and we promise it will make laundry chores a lot easier and more pleasant!

Laundry design essential #1: Cupboards, cupboards and more cupboards (or drawers)

The laundry is often compiled of three sections – washer/dryer, bench and cupboards. The cupboards often house an abundance of various items so make sure that you have ample room.

We recommend including a tall cupboard for items such as brooms, mops, ironing boards and anything else that may have a long pole or handle.  We also recommend high cupboards where chemicals and medications can be kept well out of reach from children (even if you do not have any children of your own, you never know when one might visit your home). We also know how quickly cupboards can fill up with belongings, and how it can then become difficult to store everything neatly, so for a comfortable laundry we like to make sure there are enough cupboards or drawers and a good variety of storage areas.

Laundry design must-haves for Sydney homeownersLaundry design essential #2: An efficient sink

Laundry sinks are deeper than a kitchen sink, making them ideal if you need to hand-wash clothing, soak an item or need to fill up bulky containers such as a mop bucket. We recommend stainless steel sinks as they not only look modern, but are durable and stain resistant.

While the cupboard underneath the sink may seem like a handy place to store your detergents, chemicals and bleach, keep these items up in a high cupboard out of reach of little hands and to go one step further, install a lock system for added security.

We love adding a mixer tap with a pull out spray to the laundry sink – it allows you to pull the spout out and move it around, making it a dream for cleaning, filling up buckets and washing heavily-soiled items.

Laundry design essential #3: Hanging space to dry clothes

While the dryer is a great option to dry clothes inside, sometimes we want to cut back on the electricity usage, there isn’t enough items to justify switching it on, a towel or some clothing accidently got wet or we want to hang a load of clothes safely inside overnight. We always hear how much people appreciate their neat and tidy mounted indoor clothes line.

Indoor clotheslines are available in pull-down options, just like their outside counterparts, or retractable versions if you do not have the space. Retractable clotheslines work with a pulley system and will extend when you need. Some will virtually blend into the wall when not in use. If you prefer to keep the clotheslines out of sight, consider an overhead cupboard with an inbuilt clothesline – when it is closed, the line will be hidden completely out of sight.

Allowing ample bench space is important for great laundry designLaundry design essential #4: Bench space

We think that every laundry deserves ample bench space! Many people often forget to consider adding a bench into their laundry. Space can also be a factor in forgoing a bench, however it is possible to store your dryer underneath the bench, or wall mount it.

Benches can save you from using the kitchen table or another area of the house to sort and fold laundry loads. They can also be a place to put buckets when something needs soaking, store laundry detergents and also, place some décor to bring some personality and warmth into the room.

Laundry design essential #5: Good lighting

The laundry is a work room, so it makes sense to have ample lighting. Good lighting will help the room feel pleasant and bright while inside, especially when the sun outside is going down. It is also going to help in times when you need clear vision such as for cleaning stains.

Approach the laundry’s lighting like you would any other room and, while you will need a bright overhead light, modern and stylish lights can be utilised. If you have wall mounted cupboards, under cabinet lighting might be an option for you and if you are storing cleaning items such as the mop and/or vacuum in a tall cupboard, an internal light can help when you need to clean up those after dinner messes.

All good laundry designs include functional lightingLaundry design essential #:6 Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is a must in the laundry, especially if you use a dryer. Hot water wash cycles and drying clothes produce moisture which becomes a perfect breeding ground for mould and can cause damage to the contents and structure of your home. Another hazard is the possibility of a lint fire, where the internal temperature of the dryer raises high enough to ignite lint. Exhaust fans come in the form of wall-mounted on the exterior of your home, ceiling-mounted where the air is directed through the roof or inline where the fan is installed inside the ceiling cavity. Which one will be best for you will depend on your laundry’s location, so we recommend discussing this with a designer.

Laundry design essential #7: Location

To ensure the laundry work is kept on top of and is maintained as easily as possible, we recommend thinking about where you want to position the laundry. Ideally it should be somewhere with close access to the outdoor clothesline and also if possible, near the bathroom or where the dirty clothes are kept. If space is limited, hallway cupboards can be transformed into functional laundries or they can be incorporated into the kitchen, sometimes referred to as a European laundry.

Always consider location in your laundry designsWhen combined and all the aforementioned are working in cohesion, we are positive that you will find cleaning is no longer a cumbersome chore but a swift and nonchalant part of home life. If you wish to discuss anything about creating a well-designed laundry, our team of talented designers are on hand to chat and help you create the laundry that you’ll love to work in.

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