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Bathroom Without a Bath

Traditionally when we picture a bathroom, we see a bath – of course, it’s literally in the name! But if your bathroom simply does not have the space for one, or if you find that you spend more time cleaning the tub than actually using it – we have some great reasons as to why you should ditch the bathtub and utilise that space for something else that will make your heart sing.

Now before we say goodbye to the bathtub or omit it from our house drawings, you do need to make sure that you won’t need one now or in the near future. Bathtubs can be invaluable while you have small children living with you and it can help with your home resale, particularly if a young family is a potential buyer.

But if neither of those things phase you, then let’s talk about all the exciting ways we can use that space!

Hero bathroom furniture

Bathless bathroom renovations

Dressers and cupboards don’t need to be restricted to the bedroom. During a bathroom renovation on a period style home, we used an antique dresser in place of a vanity that perfectly fits the style of the home yet allows for a modern bathroom. For storage, the dresser was matched beautifully with a timber cabinet.

So next time you consider where to put a gorgeous piece of furniture, whether it be a family air loom or just something you’ve fallen in love with – remember there are unconventional areas that will highlight its beauty!

Hideaway laundries

Hideaway laundry - an option for the bathroom with no bath

As land sizes are becoming smaller over time, so is the space for rooms such as the laundry (or perhaps you just have a better use in mind for that room).

In the same period style home that we placed the antique dresser, we also created a hidden laundry with a bi-fold door.

The door folds back and completely out of the way to make access even easier. When unexpected guests drop by, you can simply close off the work room and the guests would be none-the-wiser of the washing and cleaning supplies tucked away.

For many modern Sydney bathrooms, the inclusion of a hideaway laundry may prove to be far more practical and efficient than a bath which is rarely (if ever) used. The additional bathroom storage will also come in handy!

Extra large showers

Installing a large shower may be more logical than a bath

Bigger is always better when it comes to showers. so why not make it a jaw-dropper?  While this double walk in shower does belong to an ensuite, the idea can still be used in a main bathroom.

A large shower has the capacity to accommodate dual shower heads, both a standard and a rainforest shower head or give more space for a bench to sit while shaving legs or relaxing with a hair mask.

There’s a real sense of luxury associated with large showers. They look stunning, may provide a more comfortable experience and – as an added bonus – are often easier to clean than traditional showers.

This particular shower featured here is a double walk-in, located behind the bathroom vanity. However depending on your tastes and floor plan, large showers can also be installed framed, semi-framed or even frameless.

So many options to choose from!

Large vanity

Large bathroom vanity - no-bathYou’d be surprised at the number of times our clients tell us how much easier mornings and evenings are, thanks to their new bathroom vanity! Whether you have a large or small bathroom, omitting a bathtub for a larger vanity will most certainly bring some order to the room.

Depending on your personal needs, a large vanity can hold dual sinks (no more arguing over sink time) or more bench space to display beautiful décor or place grooming tools and equipment while getting ready. With a large vanity comes more storage underneath so everything can be packed away nice and tidy in the ample drawers or cupboards when not in use.

Of course, a large vanity also commands an oversized mirror and if your bathroom is on the smaller size, this will really help open the area up and make it appear larger.

Powder room

Powder room (no bathtub)If the bathroom in question is not the only bathroom in the house, why not transform it into a powder room? A powder room is typically a half bathroom (sans shower and bath) and located on the first level – a perfect spot to duck into before you leave the home, or if guests need to the visit the bathroom.

You can take a powder room to the next level and give it spa or hotel vibes for your guests’ pleasure, as well as your own. Keep warm rolled towels inside, a scented candle and gorgeous lighting. Depending on your personal tastes, you may choose to keep the colour palette light and warm a-la a relaxing spa… or make it uber-chic and glamourous, resembling your own personal touch up room before a night out.

Get trendy

Creative wall transformations can work with or without bathtubsAn ultra-chic and super modern bathroom oozes appeal and seduction. Transform the wall where the bath would have been into masterpiece that draws attention with a tile mosaic, playful paint colours, a sculpture or hanging artwork.

Since bathrooms tend to hold a lot of steam and moisture, be careful about what you choose to display and ensure that it can handle the environment.

Bathroom artwork is a great way to drive the theme or style of your bathroom – not to mention a great way to easily change it up seasonally.

Functional wall-mounted items

Bathroom wall-mounted itemsWe love to make the most of out every space possible and if the floor doesn’t accommodate what our clients want – we look to the walls. Some things do not take up much floor space but do bring a lot of love to our clients.

Think about extras such as a heated towel rail, small bench, floating cupboard or a bathroom tech control centre that can control the music, heating, lighting and turn the shower on and off, not to mention control its temperature.

Whether your bathroom is too small for a bathtub or you simply do not want one, our talented and experienced team of designers at Brindabella can create a custom bathroom that we know you will love so much, you won’t even miss not having a bathtub. If you’re looking to design a bathroom in Sydney, contact our friendly and experienced team today.