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When you’re investing in a new bathroom, you want to ensure the project runs smoothly

How to plan your bathroom renovation


Planning a new luxury bathroom in 2023? When you’re investing in a new bathroom, you want to ensure the project runs smoothly and the end result is the bathroom of your dreams. Brindabella has developed a step-by-step plan to help you navigate the important aspects of renovating a bathroom to ensure a quality, stress-free project.

Bathroom Renovation Planning Step #1: Budget

When it comes to your new bathroom ideas, considering your budget is the first step in the process. It’s important to understand what you can achieve with the budget you have in mind. While a makeover might be a cheaper option, it doesn’t allow you to address inadequacies of design and layout so we only work on high-end full renovations that allow us to create amazing spaces. Professional advice can be a game changer – working with a specialist bathroom designer and builder allows you to harness their knowledge on where to spend and where to save, but also to ensure you end up with a quality result that won’t cost you more in the long run.

Bathroom Renovation Planning Step #2: Design & Layout

Once you have your budget set, you can now start to work with your designer on the bathroom layout of the bathroom and talk about what you are wanting to achieve. Take a good look at the current space and make a list of what you like and what you don’t. Create a scrapbook of colour schemes and design styles you like to spark the design conversation.

As an expert in this space, your designer will be able to make recommendations about how to use the available room or even how to expand the space available to make maximum use of the area. An expert eye is essential in the early stages of bathroom renovation planning – you’ll be quite surprised at the what can be achieved and you might even find some ideas are suggested that you never even considered.

Planning your bathroom renovation is an essential step  Bathroom Renovation Planning Step #3: Storage

Now is the time to consider your bathroom storage options. What you require will depend on how many people are intending on using the space and if you have any storage close to the bathroom for bulky items such as towels. A mixture of attractive open shelving with decent vanity storage can be a striking choice, while those bathrooms short for space may benefit from floating shelving, and floating drawer vanity sets. Storage is important to guarantee the space remains clutter-free and highly functional.

Bathroom Renovation Planning Step #4: Expert Advice

If you haven’t already sought expert advice, now is the time to research your chosen bathroom designer and builder. With your budget and concept ideas in hand, your bathroom designer will be able to offer wonderful advice on layout, design, new materials and finishes, storage solutions and so much more. They can guide you on what goes where, and how to best spend your money to ensure the outcome is exactly what you are wanting to achieve. It is not uncommon to hear of bathroom designers looking at the space, and completely flipping the concept to achieve something remarkable that homeowner didn’t even consider. It’s this trained eye that can make your luxury bathroom come to life.

Seek expert advice when planning your bathroom renovationBathroom Renovation Planning Step #5: Material Selections

Now you have your layout, concept and the design of your bathroom it’s time to go shopping. A full-service renovation business should offer the opportunity to go with your designer to make tile, fittings and fixtures selections. This level of service is vital to ensure that all the small elements come together to create a cohesive whole that you will love for many years to come. Once the design is complete, selections are made and confirmed and the final contracts are signed the check measure will take place and then the exciting part of the renovation can get underway with rip out, preparation and construction.

Bathroom Renovation Planning TOP TIP #1 – Trends Trends Trends

The experts all agree – don’t base your bathroom design on current trends. While it’s great to implement some ‘trendy’ aspects, going for a full design based only on trends will quickly date. A timeless design that pays homage to any trends you really like will create a bathroom that stands the test of time. Bathroom trends come, and quickly go.

Think about the trends that are more likely to stick around such as innovative storage, and smart bathroom tech. Embracing the expert advice is imperative. A specialist bathroom designer knows how to create a bathroom that will look spectacular and also keep the bathroom looking it’s best well into the future.

Consider latest trends when planning your bathroom renovationBathroom Renovation Planning TOP TIP #2 – Reconsider DIY

Over the past decade the appeal of DIY has skyrocketed thanks to endless television shows that glorify DIY as a very easy and cash saving exercise. But watcher be warned, if Sydney bathroom renovations are not your forte and you are not experienced with bathroom design and construction it is best left to the experts. DIY disasters can cost thousands to repair and leave you with a space that is not able to be used, or worse – leaks and irreparable damage that is not covered by your insurance.

Trusting a reputable and experienced bathroom design team can save you money and ensure that the project is finished on time, on budget and looks the way you had envisioned. DIY scheduling blow outs due to mis-managing trades often leads to budget blow outs and your “bargain” DIY bathroom renovation job can end up being much more expensive (and stressful).

Bathroom Renovation Planning TOP TIP #3 – Choose a Quality Bathroom Designer

Qualified and experienced bathroom designers and builders are experts in their field. They can ensure that your budget is correctly set for the project while also guaranteeing the installation is done correctly and meets all Australian Standards and Building Codes. Before signing up with any renovation business, ensure you check relevant and current licences with the Department of Fair Trading.

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At Brindabella, we believe that renovation stress can be alleviated with good planning and communication. While we can’t pretend there won’t be dust or workers in your home, what we can do is ensure we create a schedule and stick to it, maintain our excellence in communication standards, treat your home as if it was our own keep the work space as clean as possible with dust covers and taking our rubbish with us every day, and commit to the highest possible levels of workmanship to ensure a quality result. That’s the Brindabella difference. Let’s chat.

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