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Ensure your lighting choices set the mood while being incredibly functional

Lighting in the bathroom


Lighting can sometimes be at the bottom of the list when considering a bathroom renovation or makeover. However, it is one of the most important aspects of any space and should be contemplated early in the design process. Our Brindabella experts uncover the importance of bathroom lighting and how to ensure your lighting choices set the mood while being incredibly functional.

If there was any space where lighting needs to be perfect, the bathroom is it. This space has quickly transformed over the years to become not only the place to dress and prepare for the busy day ahead, but most of us now retreat to our bathrooms for some rejuvenation and relaxation time. So how can you ensure your lighting represents what you expect of your new bathroom?

What to Consider with Bathroom Lighting?

Regarding your bathroom lighting options, do consider precisely what you will use the space for when you’re doing your bathroom renovation planning. For many homeowners ensuring good lighting is paramount, particularly around vanities and mirrors.

Professional advice can really help here to ensure your lighting options around these zones do not cast shadows or illuminate the wrong areas. Nothing is worse than attempting to shave or put on make-up with dull and gloomy lighting. Also, consider if you want the space to transform into a spa-like retreat – cue the long soaks in the opulent bathtub.

With great lighting options, you can easily convert the bathroom from a highly functional area into the perfect place to unwind – all at the flick of a switch. Lighting can really help set the mood. However, getting it right is essential. You also want the space to be well-lit to help you wake up in the morning but not too bright that you are blinded.

Soft white options are always best for make-up application and shaving. This is the most flattering of the lighting options and the most popular for bathrooms.


  • Ensure your lighting matches your existing bathroom fixtures
  • Don’t forget the bathtub – mood lighting or task lighting options
  • Think light layering – ambient light, task lighting and accent lighting

Bathroom lighting can make all the differenceWhat Types of Lighting are Required in a Bathroom?

This will depend on what you are wanting to create in your bathroom space. Getting a clear picture of exactly what you will be doing in the room is essential. This may sound obvious but if your bathroom needs to transform from a busy family space in the morning, into a surreal relaxing zone in the evenings, your lighting choices will need to reflect this.

Good lighting is paramount over vanities and mirrors, while adding touches of more mood-like lighting around the bathtub or shower is a popular choice. A good mixture of task lighting and mood lighting allows the homeowner to achieve both easily.

Also consider low lights. These are perfect for leaving on at night, so you can easily find your way to the bathroom – fantastic for families, particularly if you have small children. It’s not unusual for many families to leave the bathroom light on at night to help small children feel more comfortable in the dark. Specially-designed low lights or LED strip lighting can emit the perfect light to allow small children to feel safe when they make their nightly trip to the bathroom while also not intruding too much light to distract others from a good night’s sleep. Ask your bathroom professional for advice on creating the perfect night light for your bathroom.

The most common bathroom lights:

Ceiling lights – are for general bathroom lighting use and can provide good overall light across the room. These lights can be one main light or a series of downlights, with the main switch located near the door.

Recessed Lighting – perfect in small areas as they take up much less space and also run flat with the ceiling or around a border to give you a more flushed look. As with ceiling lights, they tend to be the more general lighting option for the bathroom.

Wall lights – typically mounted on either side of the mirror at or just above eye level and are perfect for illuminating faces. They can provide natural shadows that allow a better perception when looking into the mirror. These tend to become focal lighting aspects, so choosing a design that fits your bathroom theme is essential.

Vanity Lights – a row of lights over the vanity that provides a decent amount of light to the sink and benchtop area.

Mirror Lighting – this is typically mount4ed behind the mirror or could be a mirror with LED lighting built in. They cast a lovely luminous glow that can allow the mirror to look like it is floating on the wall. Perfect for highlighting the mirror while also acting as additional face lighting when using the mirror.

Pendant/chandelier lighting – can make a fantastic focal point and give a more subtle approach to lighting. Great for when you want to unwind from a busy day or soak in the bath.

Explore the wide range of bathroom lighting options availableWhat to Consider for Task Lighting in a Bathroom?

When considering your task lighting, ask yourself what tasks you need more light for. Traditionally, this will be around the mirror and vanity of the bathroom. However, some task lighting is also good in the shower, particularly for shaving, washing your hair, or general grooming.

What to Consider for General Bathroom Lighting?

The best options for general lighting are recessed lighting options or ceiling lights. However, depending on your style and budget, you can opt for pendant lighting or go uber extravagant with a chandelier. Combining this with your task lighting will ensure the bathroom is well-lit no matter what the bathroom user is doing.

Choosing the right bathroom lights will help create the right mood, while remaining functionalWhat About Mood Lighting in the Bathroom?

Mood lighting is certainly making headway in bathroom design. Gone are the days when the only option was candlelight to create a mood. Instead, today many homeowners enjoy warm, soft mood lighting in their bathrooms to easily convert them from an everyday workhorse into a relaxing zone. Dim lighting options also work well to create a peaceful and soothing mood.

When it comes to your bathroom lighting, custom designing your lighting needs is important. You can create a superb space that can quickly transform while offering tremendous functionality. With the right guidance from a bathroom professional you can create spectacular lighting in your new or upgraded bathroom.

At Brindabella our bathroom design experts know their lighting and know exactly how to design your bathroom lighting to enhance the space and create a lively, welcoming atmosphere every single time. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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