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Bath & Shower Styles


When it comes to designing your new Sydney bathroom, you’ll quickly learn that a shower isn’t just a shower – there are plenty of options for you to choose from! To help you sort through all the terminology (what’s the difference between a semi-framed and a framed shower?), we’re going to be talking all things shower related today.

Bath and shower combo

You don’t always have to let space dictate what you can and can’t have – there are plenty of ways to have your shower and a bath too. Take the owners of this Pymble bathroom – they didn’t want a ‘bulky’ fixed shower screen in their relatively small bathroom and they also wanted a feature, free-standing bath. Add in a recessed shelf and a motorised splash-panel and this bathroom is swoon-worthy!

The bath and shower combination doesn’t need to look like we remember of yesteryears. There is no reason to not incorporate the trends and style of today to create a bespoke and modern shower and bath. In fact, many people often want to keep the bath and shower but just update it for the resale and ease when bathing small children.

Frameless and semi frameless

Hot for the last few years, and with good reason (they are a super easy option to lift your bathroom from drab to fab), frameless and semi frameless shower screens have been flying off supplier shelves.

A frameless screen has absolutely no frame and is built with toughened glass that is thicker than it’s semi-framed and framed counterparts. A semi framed screen meets in the middle with both framed and frameless edges and offers more visual appeal than the traditional framed style. Both are durable and much easier to clean than a framed screen (though the frameless does win in the cleaning department thanks to not having nooks and crannies where the glass and frame meet, often capturing dirt and growing mould).

Walk-in shower

Why not ditch the shower screen altogether? Why we love a walk-in shower:

  • They cut back on cleaning time (no more scrubbing glass).
  • They can be more hygiene without little nooks for dirt to hide and mould to grow.
  • With no frames to look tired over time and glass to get cloudy, there is less chance of the shower looking dated.
  • They can visually open up a room.
  • It can often be the safest option for those with mobility impairments.

As amazing as all of that sounds, there are two questions on everyone’s lips when it comes to the walk-in shower – water mess and privacy. Water pooling and splashing can be easily diminished by using a qualified designer who will design a sloped floor and align the shower walls to prevent splashing. A fixed panel, such as a glass will catch water spray and we recommend always using appropriate shower heads for the space.

When it comes to privacy, a walk in shower is not too different then a beautiful crystal clear glass screen when it comes to unexpected family members accidently visiting the bathroom however, depending on room size, the shower can be hidden behind a privacy screen for anyone that may open the door unexpectedly. Take this double walk-in shower that is hidden beautifully behind the vanity, equipped with double showerheads and an overhead rain shower.

This ensuite redesign was also on the top floor of the grand, 1920s home in the Sydney suburb of Turramurra – another common concern for people wondering if a walk-in shower is possible on a second story or higher.

Double showers

If space permits, save the shower quarrelling and invest in a double shower. They look modern and luxurious in the master ensuite and are always a talking point for new buyers when it comes to future resale.

If your significant other’s daily schedule aligns quite closely with your own, then a double shower will cut down the morning and night routine drastically with no more turn taking. Make the whole ensuite/bathroom a ‘his and hers’ room with dual sinks and separate laydown areas and you’ll creates so much more time in your day. Ensure that each shower head has its own recess or place for items like shampoo, etc and you will never have to share the glorious downpour of water ever again.

Our hot tip – if you want to up the ante on your double shower game, install a third shower head – a ceiling mounted rain shower head in the middle of the shower for a truly indulgent experience.

Now let’s talk about the trend

Once we know what style of shower you would like, we can start to get down to (the super fun) business. The influencing factors of deciding what trend the bathroom will be are your own personal taste, the rest of the home and possibly – future resale depending on if moving is in your horizon. While keeping with the same aesthetics of the home is a quite common choice and maintains continuity, there is no rule that your bathroom can’t have its own individual identity.

In fact, if you are planning on renovating other areas in your home, such as the laundry and kitchen, it would make sense to incorporate your ideas for those rooms into your bathroom decision rather than what’s currently in your home. Just a few popular trends we are seeing today are:

The style you choose will influence the smaller details you settle on when designing your shower such as the tap ware, shower head, tiles and colours. At Brindabella, we are with you for every single step along the journey – from brainstorming and planning, to construction and those last final touches when its ready for its new loving owner.

Our experienced team of designers love to design custom bathrooms that perfectly align with your personal taste and lifestyle. While space can be a deciding factor in how big your shower can be, or what style will suit the room best, be rest assured that multi-award winning team will work with you to create your dream bathroom.