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Discover the benefits of a half bathroom

All About Powder Rooms

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If you’re considering adding in a powder room, wanting to renovate your existing one, or are just curious about these tiny bathrooms, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will be discussing all things powder rooms and why we think they make an excellent addition to many homes.

Who are powder rooms for?

A powder room, otherwise known as a half bathroom, generally contains everything one may need to quickly freshen up – generally a mirror, toilet, sink and perhaps some useful toiletries. There are two groups of powder room visitors – house guests and those who want to touch up before they leave the home but their main bathroom may be far away from the front door.

If your home often welcomes guests, the beauty of having a powder room is that they no longer need to visit the main bathroom. Yep, that’s right – you won’t need to spend 20-40 minutes before guests come over cleaning the shower, bathtub and main toilet while tidying up the family’s towels and clearing away toiletries (or panic when visitors drop by unannounced!). Due to its small size, a powder room doesn’t have any need to hold lots of clutter and it is generally the least used bathroom in the home, so it’s the perfect room to welcome visitors.

For those on the run, or perhaps those whose bathroom or bedroom is on another floor, a powder room replaces that mirror at the front door and more. It’s perfect for visiting the toilet before you leave (or dash to when you come back home!) and make sure to include a small drawer or cupboard to keep items such as a hairbrush, deodorant, perfume, lipstick and any other items you like to use to touch up throughout the day, or before you head out at night.

Will it be pokey?

Absolutely not! While it may be the smallest bathroom in the house, it is designed to only be used occasionally by no more than one visitor so there are no everyday belongings, bulky items or back stock being stored inside. Choose space-saving facilities such as a back-to-wall or wall-hung toilet, wall-mounted tapware and a floating vanity or freestanding dresser (remember you won’t need much storage space) to allow more room.

Plus, by utilising the correct bathroom lighting and colour palettes, you can open up the room to appear much larger than it really is. Bring the light in with a large window or skylight if possible and position the mirror so the light will bounce around the room to maximise the space.

Do they add value to the home?

Yes, they can! Adding an extra half bathroom to your home is very appealing to home-buyers who often look for multiple bathrooms when purchasing property. Having said that, a powder room is a luxury and not a necessity so ensure that you don’t sacrifice other valuable areas such as the kitchen or lounge room. Ideally, you will want to look for a dead space in the home that’s not far from where you entertain your guests and before they reach the main bathroom and bedrooms. If you do makeover something such as a closet, ensure that there is still adequate space in the remainder of the home to store those items.

You will also need to consider the plumbing for the powder room and if it is located near the existing water and waste lines or you could face quite extensive costs. Another potential extra cost to consider is ventilation – while there is typically no shower or bath in a powder room, ventilation is still required, whether through a window or exhaust fan. Though it is not a building requirement, you may still wish to consider ventilation to keep the air fresh.

Does the style of the powder room need to fit in with the rest of the home?

That is totally up to you. Your powder room can be an extension of your home, or you can bring in another style, as long as it complements the home’s overall theme.

If the rest of your home has a cosy and homely feel but you also have a soft spot for something a bit bolder or more ‘extra’, then why not add that into the powder room? Show off to your guests with bold wallpaper or paint colour, a sexy vanity, a grand mirror and buy those special hand towels you love – not only will it impress your guests, but you’ll also feel like you’re stepping into a lavish five-star bathroom.

Or perhaps you’d like to bring some more tranquillity into your home for your guests or when you need to step away with a gorgeous indoor plant, rolled fluffy white hand towels and luxurious hand soaps and creams a-la a day spa? The possibilities are endless and with our talented team of designers, we can bring your vision to life.

We live and breathe bathrooms, both big and small. If you’d like to discover more about how a powder room can elevate your home, our friendly team is waiting to chat on 1300 794 488.