How to plan your new bathroom?

March 1, 2018 / No Comments

Planning a bathroom renovation can be one of the most exciting times of the year and we want the experience to be fun and fulfilling for all our clients. We know it can be overwhelming to consider a bathroom renovation so our job is to lend our expertise to ensure the end result is exactly [&hell...

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The Best Modern Designs for your Bathroom

February 6, 2018 / No Comments

At Brindabella, we love modern design as it’s so versatile and suits so many different styles of home. Modern design isn’t quite as cutting-edge as contemporary design but it also doesn’t date as quickly, meaning you’ll enjoy your new space for much longer. Here’s our pick of the best modern bath...

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Top 5 Gorgeous Bathroom Designs

December 8, 2017 / No Comments

Here, Certified Bathroom Designer John Spiteri, chooses his top 5 gorgeous bathroom designs. We’re sure it was hard to choose from the many projects he’s completed over the years but all these projects have one area in common: brilliant design solutions with gorgeous visual appeal.   1. Desi...

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How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

November 15, 2017 / No Comments

There are no strict rules about how much your bathroom renovation should cost because every bathroom is different and it very much depends on the size of the space and what fittings and fixtures are chosen. But, there are a few things to keep in mind that will have an impact on what you can [&hel...

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Top 10 bathroom renovation mistakes (and how to avoid them)

November 1, 2017 / No Comments

Unless you’re a seasoned renovator, it can be a daunting task to take on a bathroom renovation. Novice renovators can often be misled by the variety of reality television shows that portray a bathroom renovation as a quick and simple task so we’re here to help you avoid the mistakes so often made...

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How to Transform Small Bathrooms – Functional & Storage-Friendly Solutions

September 4, 2017 / No Comments

Small bathrooms can present a number of challenges, but in the hands of an expert designer, they can be light, bright, functional spaces. The trick is to find ways to maximise every centimetre within the room and find clever storage solutions to help manage all your essential items. At Brindabell...

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5 Tips to plan your next bathroom renovation project

August 21, 2017 / No Comments

Planning a bathroom renovation can be a fun and exciting time but it can also leave you with many questions. Our expert bathroom designer, John Spiteri, shares his top 5 tips to make the process stress-free and enjoyable. Start with some inspiration: put together a scrapbook of your favourite bat...

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Expert Tips – Toilets

November 17, 2015 / No Comments

  The humble toilet has come a long way from its exile to an outhouse to today’s contemporary, water-efficient designs that are an integral part of bathroom design. Whether it’s organic in shape, geometric in line or minimalist in form, consider taking advantage of the latest technology in s...

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Heated Towel Rails

November 2, 2015 / No Comments

Heated towel rails are not only practical but add that extra touch of luxury to your bathroom. There is nothing more comforting than a toasty warm towel after a wonderfully relaxing shower. And for those colder winter months, a heated towel rail can dry your wet towels quickly and conveniently. T...

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Ask our Expert – Renovations v Makeovers

October 19, 2015 / No Comments

Lets take a look at why a renovation will serve you much better than a makeover in the long term. A makeover will enhance the ambiance of the space and can make it look fresh and new. But re-tiling or re-surfacing – even if you change a couple of major items like vanities or baths […]

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