Essential steps before you meet your bathroom designer

Decided to renovate your bathroom and booked an appointment with a designer? Great! Here’s what you need to do in preparation for your first meeting.


  1. Create a scrapbook – either online or on paper, it doesn’t matter. Collect as many images as you can from as many places as you can that show the style of bathroom you’d like. The images can show overall design or individual items. This will give the designer a great starting point to best meet your expectations.
  2. Check the website – get online and check out the website of your designer and/or their building company (if you haven’t already). If you see any of their projects you really like, add them to your scrapbook.
  3. Consider your budget – don’t make any firm decisions until after you’ve spoken to your designer but it’s always sensible to have a budget range in mind so the designer can make suggestions or provide advice regarding the best way forward.
  4. Make a list of the following pieces of information:
    • Who uses the bathroom and how old are they?
    • How many people use the bathroom at once?
    • When is the bathroom busiest?
    • Is this a main bathroom or a second bathroom?
    • What are the issues/problems with the current bathroom?
    • What are the main issues/problems you would like addressed?
  5. Think about your “musts” and your “maybes” – consider whether there are items you must have in the new space and if there are any items you’d like to have but are prepared to forego if necessary. Also think about which fittings or fixtures you’re prepared to compromise on if they exceed your budget and which you are not.
  6. Allow yourself to get excited – your new bathroom is soon to become a reality.


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