John Spiteri, Certified Bathroom Designer and licensed builder, answers all your questions about what to expect when you renovate your bathroom.

Q: What is the average cost to renovate a bathroom?

A: It’s very difficult to give an average price as every bathroom is different but there are a number of things that will affect the final price, such as:

  • Will you do a full renovation or simply a small makeover? A makeover won’t give you a better layout but it might look nicer. Or you can invest in the functionality and looks of the bathroom and go for a full renovation which will see the walls, floor, fittings and fixtures entirely replaced. Obviously, the full renovation will be the more expensive option.
  • Is structural work required? Structural work – such as removing or re-locating walls – can make your new bathroom larger and more comfortable but building work will add to the total cost of the renovation.
  • What fittings, fixtures and surfaces will you choose? There are a number of low-cost, budget options for fittings and fixtures which can keep the cost of your bathroom renovation low but be aware that lower cost often means lesser quality and potentially less durability and longevity. Most bathrooms are expected to last for 10-15 years so take care to choose your inclusions wisely.
  • Will you choose a signature, feature piece? Many bathrooms are designed around a central, feature item such as a free-standing bath, walk-in shower or double vanity. It may be necessary to invest much of your budget in one or two items to ensure you get the look you want to achieve.

bathroom-renovation-sydney-brindabella_1Q: Do I need council approval for a new bathroom?

A: Council approval is not generally required for a bathroom renovation unless it is part of a larger renovation or extension which affects the exterior of the home. For example, if you do not replace the window no approval is needed but if you enlarge the window space approval will generally be required. We always recommend checking with your builder and/or bathroom designer to confirm before any renovation work is commenced.

 Q: Who should I speak to first about my bathroom renovation to get ideas?

A: Bathrooms are highly specialised spaces so it pays to speak to a specialist in this area. Look for a designer who has experience in bathroom design and renovation and always ask about relevant licences and membership of appropriate industry associations. If you have already engaged an architect or builder, ask your specialist bathroom designer to make contact with them to ensure your needs are understood by all professionals involved in the job. Or, better still, ensure your bathroom company holds the appropriate builders licence and can oversee the entire job for you.

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