Bathrooms are one of the most exciting and interesting rooms to design and renovate because there is so much scope to personalise the space to suit individual requirements. With the release of new technologies and new products, it can be tricky to keep on top of the latest design trends and work out which trends are here to stay – and which trends will be gone tomorrow.

Here’s where working with your Certified Bathroom Designer can make a huge difference. A specialist bathroom designer stays on top of the latest product releases and design trends from all over the world. But, most importantly, their experience allows them to judge which design trends will work here in Australia and how to incorporate these ideas to make sure your new bathroom won’t date too quickly.

At the moment, there is a huge trend towards designer tiles. Used in the bathroom in a variety of ways, a feature or highlight tile can draw the eye and become the visual centrepiece of the room. Patterned tiles on the floor focus attention downwards and can therefore make the ceiling height feel taller.

Combat Teak Matte Laminate Concealed Drawer

Feature walls are often used in bathrooms but, in the past, they always seemed to be restricted to a strip in the shower area. Now we’re seeing tiles applied to nib walls in the centre of the room to make sure they are in a prominent position.

Tapware that enhances the look of the bathroom is also a huge trend – particularly in the range of finishes available. No longer are we stuck with gleaming chrome – we can now choose from brass and nickle in either high gloss or brushed, matte finishes.

An enduring trend is the walk-through shower. Two entrances and exits and a variety of different shower heads allow the users to customise their showering experience to suit their needs. A walk-in/walk-out shower creates a luxurious shower space and is particularly suited to a couples bathroom or ensuite.

No matter what your bathroom design needs, working with a designer who specialises in this particular room is a must. At Brindabella, our Certified Bathroom Designer works with a team of expert designers to create bathrooms that our clients love. Call us today to discuss your design needs.

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