Choosing the perfect bath for your bathroom renovation in Sydney is an important decision. What role does your bath play in your life? Is it the luxury of a deep, relaxing soak after a long day? Or does it offer the ultimate convenience of getting the kids cleaned up and into bed? Baths come in many shapes, styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect solution to fit your bathroom life. And for the ultimate in relaxation therapy, consider a spa for that extra touch of luxury and pampering.

Freestanding or built-in?

Both have advantages and your choice will depend on a range of factors.

A freestanding bath is a feature in any bathroom.

A freestanding bath is a feature in any bathroom.

A freestanding bath tub is ideal for a larger bathroom as it will take up considerably more space than a built-in bath. They make an eye-catching feature of the room and come in an endless array of designs to suit your décor. If you are looking for pure luxury, a claw foot freestanding tub will add a timeless feature to your bathroom.

A built-in bath saves space.

A built-in bath saves space.

A built-in bath is great for saving space and can sit flush with walls to best maximise the floor space of the bathroom. It is ideal for fitting seamlessly into the room and can be designed in a range of ways, to match any décor.

What type of material should I choose?

When choosing a bath consider the price range, material durability and ease of cleaning to best suit your needs.


Porcelain baths are in very high demand due to their unique vintage charm. Porcelain enamel baths are easy to clean. Their lustrous finish never fades and they are incredibly durable when looked after.


Acrylic bathtubs are reasonably priced and practical. They are lightweight so you don’t have to worry about the strength of your floor – particularly important for upstairs bathrooms. Made from vacuum-formed acrylic sheets reinforced with fibreglass, the tubs are resistant to cracking and chipping.

At Brindabella Bathrooms, we have experts on hand to provide specialist advice on the best bath to suit your family and your circumstances. Contact our accredited designers today about how we can incorporate your dream bath into your new designer bathroom.

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