Lets take a look at why a renovation will serve you much better than a makeover in the long term.

A makeover gives you the chance to freshen up the space but you won't improve functionality.

A makeover gives you the chance to freshen up the space but you won’t improve functionality.

A makeover will enhance the ambiance of the space and can make it look fresh and new. But re-tiling or re-surfacing – even if you change a couple of major items like vanities or baths – generally won’t give you a better layout or make better use of the available space. This is because makeovers don’t generally allow you the flexibility to change the location of fixtures and fittings (which is why a makeover will mostly be cheaper).

If you choose the full renovation option, you have the ability to re-design and re-position items as needed to not only make the space more functional but to make every centimetre work for you. With the amazing leaps and bounds in technology across all areas of bathroom fittings and fixtures, it’s amazing what can be done with design and layout to create a functional, practical haven.


A full renovation allows you the opportunity to consider smart storage options to maximise space.

The full renovation option also allows you to consider moving (or removing) walls to make the bathroom larger, or look at including added features such as a walk-through wardrobe. This also means storage requirements can be carefully considered and included into the new design and layout. Storage is a key issue in many bathrooms – particularly the more compact spaces – so starting from scratch is a fantastic way to ensure your new bathroom includes as much – or even more – storage as needed.

In many older homes, waterproofing may also need to be addressed as it has either failed or was not done properly first time around or sometimes not even done at all. A full renovation allows the builder to access the waterproofed area and repair any in-wall or under-floor damage to ensure the new bathroom meets today’s standards.

A full renovation will allow you to create a haven for peace and relaxation.

A full renovation will allow you to create a haven for peace and relaxation.

In real terms, a full renovation can be expected to last a homeowner up to 15 years (most bathrooms in Australia are renovated around every 15-20 years, on average) so it’s also vital to consider how your needs, and your family’s needs, will change over that time.

A makeover won’t generally give you that sort of lifetime as it’s more of a bandaid solution than a long term fix so, even if the makeover is half the cost today, that’s no use to you if you have to re-do the makeover every five years or so. You’ll end up paying more and enjoying your bathroom experience less in the long run.

If you are considering a full renovation, make sure you work with a qualified bathroom designer, and a builder if structural improvements are required, who can provide you with the best expert advice as to how plan and design the bathroom for both today and the future. A company with a builder’s licence will be able to provide a fuller scope of works so make sure to ask about a licence should any building work be required.

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