The humble toilet has come a long way from its exile to an outhouse to today’s contemporary, water-efficient designs that are an integral part of bathroom design. Whether it’s organic in shape, geometric in line or minimalist in form, consider taking advantage of the latest technology in sleek, seamless in-wall cisterns and sophisticated touch-free flush plates.

Close Coupled Back-to-Wall Toilet Suites

A close coupled toilet suite features the cistern fitted directly to the pan so that it becomes a complete unit. This avoids the need for visible connection pipes and has a traditional look.

Expert-Tips-Toilets_2Concealed toilets

Concealed toilets are on-trend in bathroom design and suit smaller bathrooms as they maximise space. Featuring a hidden cistern, only the pan is visible against the wall. The cistern is usually placed in a wall cavity, roof space or under a vanity benchtop. To service the cistern your plumber can access components through a button panel. This allows accessibility without removing tiles.


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Wall-faced toilet

This type of toilet creates a compact, streamlined look as the back of the pan sits flush against the wall. It is much easier to clean as the style prevents dust or dirt falling behind the toilet.

Connector or linked toilet suites

Connector or linked toilet suites are a two-piece, set-out system and allow flexibility in their layout. The style consists of a cistern and pan that is linked via a flush pipe. This allows the pan to sit further away from the cistern. Most connector toilets come with a flush pipe connector plate that hides the pipe work giving it a neat, stylish finish.


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