Planning a bathroom renovation? It’s a great idea to take a look at options for your shower before you start.

Your shower is the place where you start and finish your day which is why creating the perfect showering environment is so important. Take your shower experience to new levels with the flexibility of a shower rail, the elegance of an overhead shower or, for the best of both worlds, a twin shower rail.

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When choosing a glass for your shower screen you have two options: Starphire glass or conventional glass. Starphire glass is the ultimate in clear glass technology. It has a stunning clarity and brilliance due to its low iron content – in fact, Starphire glass has 10 percent less iron than conventional glass. The low iron content allows more light to pass through and creates a spectacular blue edge. The surface of the glass remains clear even at a thickness of up to 20mm.

Conventional glass is a more cost effective option and also provides a modern, clear glass look. Its higher iron content means the edge features a green finish rather than the clear finish of Starphire glass.


Shower screen frames

Shower screens are available in three different frame options: frameless, semi frameless or fully framed.

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A frameless shower screen is a more expensive option but will open up the look of your bathroom, giving it a fresh contemporary feel. A frameless shower screen means there are no framing or rubber seals within in the screen or door, giving it a seamless edge. It is also really easy to clean due to the lack of areas in which mould can build up.

A semi-frameless shower screen is braced usually at the top and bottom. Semi-frameless shower screens are a cheaper option than frameless shower screens, but still have a contemporary feel that adds a feeling of space to your bathroom.

Copyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photographyemail: fully framed shower screen is the most affordable option of the three and will feature a brace around each panel of glass. They are more difficult to clean as mould can build up between the track and tiles. They do, however, come in modern colours that will complement your design and suit your budget.

Our Brindabella Bathrooms specialist designers are a great source of inspiration and advice on the best shower screen for your new bathroom. Talk to us today to see how a stunning new glass shower screen can be incorporated into your new bathroom design.

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