Heated towel rails are not only practical but add that extra touch of luxury to your bathroom. There is nothing more comforting than a toasty warm towel after a wonderfully relaxing shower. And for those colder winter months, a heated towel rail can dry your wet towels quickly and conveniently.

Heated-towel-rails_2-1024x682Types of Heated Towel Rails

Wall mounted: The wall mount is fixed to the wall and is a popular type of heated towel rail. It saves space in smaller bathrooms as it fits out of the way.

Freestanding: This type of heated towel rail is fantastic as it can be positioned anywhere within the bathroom that is safe. Its size means it’s more suitable for larger bathrooms.

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Towel shelf: The heated towel shelf allows towels to be hung or folded up on a shelf. It’s a great option as it is able to be positioned out of the way and is great for small areas.

Floor to ceiling ladders: As the name suggests, these types of rails stretch from floor to ceiling, providing additional warmth to the room.

Variations: Individual rails that can be adjusted to different sized spacing are new to the market. They have a stylish look and complement the finishes in most bathrooms. There are many other variations on these main designs for you to choose from.

Heated-towel-rails_1-1024x648Electric vs. Hydronic: There are two types of heated towel rails – one uses electricity, the other utilises the home’s hydronic heating system. Hydronic heats via the circulation of heated water throughout the house. These types of heated towel rails are also used to keep the entire room warm and are great for those colder months. They have low operating costs and are an efficient method of heating. To further improve their energy efficiency the systems can be used with a timer.

Copyright Eliot Cohen - Zeitgeist Photographyemail: eliot@zeitgeist.com.auShapes and materials: The shapes of the rails are typically round or square. They are generally made from stainless steel and can have a polished finish however the chrome finish is also a popular choice.

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