Did you know…plumbing moves can significantly increase the price of your bathroom renovation?

Working with your bathroom designer, first assess the current layout of the bathroom. It may be that the main items are in a workable location but the look and feel of the bathroom needs to be updated. If you can get away with making none – or only a few – plumbing moves you could save yourself valuable dollars to put towards a “must have” item.

Bathroom renovation SydneyDid you know…smaller bathrooms are harder to design than larger bathrooms?

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house and the constrained size of this room makes it a challenge for even the most talented and qualified bathroom designer. When working with a small space, it’s vital to make every centimetre work in your favour. Your designer will be able to come up with a range of space-saving and space-maximising ideas to ensure you end up with a room that functions efficiently. Be aware that a smaller bathroom does not necessarily mean a smaller price, even though this may sound logical. You’ll still need the same number of tradespeople and in a more confined space it can be harder to work so they’ll often need to come in one at a time which can add to the schedule. Co-ordinating the trades schedule is often more complicated than scheduling a larger bathroom.

Did you know…today’s bathrooms benefit from the latest technology?

From toilets that save on water, shower heads that power their own LED lights, under-floor heating, no-fog mirrors, in-wall or in-shower speakers and so much more, the technological advances in bathroom products is astounding. And there are new products designed and released all the time. Ask your bathroom designer about how to incorporate this new technology into your bathroom. If you are interested in environmentally-friendly options, there is a wealth of new products your designer can recommend to meet your aesthetic needs as well as look after our diminishing resources.

Bathroom renovation SydneyDid you know…managing trades takes an experienced, professional to ensure the schedule is adhered to?

In almost every bathroom renovation, the trades can only work one at a time meaning delays with one trade can blow out the entire schedule. Unless you’ve project managed a bathroom renovation before, it can be tricky to book in and manage all the different services – and there can be up to 10 separate tradespeople to keep track of! There will always be some re-jigging of work as the work progresses – in particular if unforeseen challenges are encountered – and here’s where using a professional bathroom renovator with a builder’s licence can save you time and money.

Did you know…lighting design and placement is crucial to the success of your bathroom’s new design.

Because we use the bathroom for so many different functions, we require different levels and types of lighting at different times – specific lighting for particular tasks, general lighting, and mood lightings. Most bathrooms will have at least one source of natural light and the amount of light within the room will, of course, change during the day. So it’s vital the placement of a variety of light sources is well planned to ensure the appropriate type of light is available when needed. For example, you should never have a light source behind you when applying makeup as this will affect the clarity of your view. Make sure you discuss the varying needs of all the family members who will be using the bathroom with your designer to guarantee a great result.

John Spiteri is a Certified Bathroom Designer and licenced builder with more than 20 years’ experience in home renovations. Take a look at our gallery for more designs and ideas.

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